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The best amethyst beads for jewelry making

Amethyst beads have been used for thousands of years by different cultures as a significant gemstone with great power. They signify protection and purification, which ward off negativity with a powerful spiritual presence. Nowadays, you usually find people wearing amethyst bead bracelets if they want to harness this power themselves. You can create mindful and purposeful pieces of amethyst jewelry once you know what they represent.

From crafty parents who want to make jewelry to sell to younger children interested in the art of making jewelry, you can find people across the age spectrum who want to make beautiful pieces to wear. Anyone can create and wear an amethyst beaded necklace that is mixed and match with other colors to show off their style and personality. Find the right pack of amethyst beads to put in your craft box.

Cmidy Amethyst Round Genuine Real Stone

Best Natural Stone

These real stones are rounded and polished to a beautifully smooth shine. Each bead is in accordance to the EU environmental safety standard, so you know you are getting a genuine and environmentally conscious product. These stones can be used for necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Each stone is unique in their marbling due to natural variations so every piece you make will be one of a kind.

LPBeads Natural Amethyst Beads Gemstone Round

Best Smooth

Some people may be more sensitive to the textures that they place on their body. LPBeads offers rounded beads that have been smoothed and polished to get rid of any bumps or blemishes. There are 100 pieces to each string so you can weave them into other designs or make purely amethyst beaded bracelets for you and others to enjoy. The gemstones will feel wonderfully smooth against your skin.

Malahill Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making

Best Value

For those who want to get crafting without having to break the bank for high-quality beads, look no farther than this set of Malahill Gemstone Beads. These amethyst beads come in packs of five strands so you get the best bang for your buck. Each bead is polished and rounded with no drilling cracks or marks to be seen.

Watch these beautiful amethyst beads shine in the sunlight when you display these pieces. The natural beauty of these stones is shown off with polished spheres. Gift amethyst jewelry to others to give them the bead’s powers of protection and purification.