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The best art smocks to keep the art on the canvas

Protective gear is a parent’s best friend when it comes to children making art — and making a real mess. An art smock is a great investment when it comes to protecting your child’s clothes. They have all different features and builds. Some smocks have pockets for your child to store their paintbrushes and crayons. Some have full coverage, while others are styled like an apron, which is easier to put on for younger kids.

An art smock is a must-have for children who are starting to explore more of their creative side. They help your child protect themselves from the mess that drawing and painting can make. It also gives them a place to wipe their hands while keeping their real clothes pristine. Most art smocks are also easy to clean, so you can get rid of all of the paints and mess that your child will accumulate over their time wearing it.

Bassion Kids Art Smocks

Best Design

The Bassion Kids Art Smocks gives your little one full coverage and plenty of storage space as they paint the afternoon away. The smock is made of a waterproof polyester that can be cleaned in the washing machine or washed with soap and water. The full sleeves cover their arms from any paint that they’ll be using. These smocks also have three big pockets on the front to store things like paintbrushes. The Velcro back makes it easy for your child to put on and take off by themselves.

Crayola Art Smock for Toddlers

Best First Art Smock

When your little one shows that they are ready to start painting and having fun with their creativity, start them off with the Crayola Art Smock for Toddlers. The reusable smock includes elastic cuffs with sleeves and adjustable straps to get the perfect fit on your toddler’s body. The smock has a Velcro closure that goes down their back so they can’t take it off easily, making sure that all of the mess gets on the canvas and not on your little aertist.

Caydo 24-piece Children's Artists Fabric Aprons

Best for Classroom

If you have a little one going to classes or are a teacher yourself, you know how much crafting goes on in the classroom. The Caydo 24-piece Children's Artists Fabric Aprons give you a whole pack of aprons that will suit a whole classroom of children. This is perfect for 3 to 7-year-olds with the waterproof and stain-resistant fabric. Each color comes with two units for a rainbow of choices that a classroom of kids will love.

Art smocks make sure that your child can really tap into their creative side without you worrying about the mess later. Their clothes will stay clean, and their smiles will stay big when they get to dig in and create their masterpieces.