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The best decorative wall stickers for kids

As kids grow up, their tastes change, and so do their rooms. Because they’re less permanent than paint, wall stickers are a great option for kids’ bedroom decor. They’re so easy to remove and affordable, you can even use them to decorate for birthday parties or other special events.

Turn your child’s bedroom into a magical space with our favorite wall stickers for kids’ rooms. These playful decorations are age-appropriate and feature the designs your kids already love. They’re the finishing touch to bring the look of the room together without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at our top picks.

Trubetter 3D Butterfly Mural Stickers

Best Overall

Let your child wake up to a flock of butterflies on their wall with the Trubetter 3D Butterfly Mural Stickers. This pack of 24 pieces includes 16 small, four medium, and four large butterfly decals made of PVC material. With an easy peel and stick application system, these 3D butterflies look like they're flying off the wall. They're easy to clean and anti-dust to keep your child's bedroom great.

Neasyth Unicorn Wall Stickers

Easy to Remove

Turn your child's room into fair land with the Neasyth Unicorn Wall Stickers. These lovely decals feature a watercolor style with sweet colors and shiny details that children love. The easy to apply decals stay in place on any flat surface, for a smooth decor that leaves no creases on your wall. It includes two sheets made of eco-friendly and non-toxic PVC materials that are safe for your little one's bedroom.

MAFOX Glow-In-The-Dark Star Stickers

Best Value

Transform your kid's bedroom into a glowing solar system with the MAFOX Glow-In-The-Dark Star Stickers. These super bright accessories include their own adhesive stars and dots, for effortless application on any smooth surface. Apply all 204 of them to your child's walls or ceiling and watch their mouth drop in amazement when their room comes to life at night. This set includes different sizes and shapes for a realistic look that's one of a kind.

Bedroom wall decor is one of the best ways to let your child show off their personality. With the variety of options on our list, your child can find the perfect wall art that brings their whole bedroom together. Your little one will like how these decals look on their wall, and you’ll love how easy they are to apply.