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The best easels for displaying your art

Easels are easy to use and offer the chance to display art pieces you don’t want permanently on a wall. You can find ones to hold huge, heavy art or miniature options for your tabletop. Whether you need a display easel for the tabletop or a floor display easel, we got the right choice for you on our list.

Easels come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t have floor space? Look for a tabletop option. Need something miniature? They have those too. The easels on our list are designed to offer something for a variety of spaces and still give you that unique way to display your favorite art. Let’s find the right one.

Tosnail 9-Inch Pine Tripod Easels

Best Small Easel

These simple nine-inch easels hold your small artwork with natural pine and metal fixtures. They fold out smoothly and sit on even legs, allowing you to customize as you want or leave them plain. You get six in the pack, and they're assembly free aside from the simple adjustor pin.

Quartet Instant-Stand Easel

Best Lightweight

Bigger art requires more space and this 64-inch easel is just the right choice. It features durable metal with a smooth fold and unfold action, allowing you to display larger pieces without struggling to move the easel itself. It supports up to ten pounds, and the clips move the holders to accommodate different art dimensions. It measures just 25 inches when folded up.

US Art Supply Adjustable Easel

Best Adjustable Choice

This adjustable tabletop easel gives you a quick display space. It uses premium aluminum for lightweight durability, and rubber feet protect the surface of your table. It supports up to ten pounds in weight and is suitable for 24 inches by 30 inches and under art. The easel collapses for transport (3.75" x 2.5" x 16" high) and measures 15 inches wide by 15 inches deep by 21" tall.

Use your easel to change out art quickly, prevent damage to walls, or safely display something heavy. They’re adjustable and offer a few different sizes to match your available space. Choose one of these options and know that your art is safe and in just the right spot. Large art or small pieces, you’ve got your display sorted and on track.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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