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The best kids ghost costumes for any time of the year

When looking for the right ghost costumes, you have to think about a few characteristics. First, make sure that the costume will fit your child. Will your child look better in something plush and cute? Or would your child want something more involved and spookier? The costume’s fabric will also dictate if they will be cooled down all night or sweating under the collar. Most of all, your child should enjoy the way the costume looks and feels.

Ghouls and ghosts are great choices for a costume. Ever since the concept of ghosts came about, you would find ghost costume kid DIY projects littered across the streets. These were usually just bedsheets with holes cut out of them. These bedsheets wouldn’t be the best choice, and many parents found themselves with hole-riddled sheets the morning after. Now we have the benefits of costume and design innovations to our advantage when it comes to new costumes.

UNDERWRAPS Ghost Costume

Best for Toddlers

Toddlers will look adorable when they put on this fluffy UNDERWRAPS Ghost Costume. The polyester toddler's costume is made with a fluffy baby blanket fabric with soft swirls going around the body. The hood is made with plush details and is lightweight for easy wear for long periods. The pull-over and Velcro design make it easy to put on and take off for diaper changes.

AMSCAN Ghost Costume

Best Traditional

You can't go wrong with the traditional look of the AMSCAN Ghost Costume. The cape is made to be worn over the head. The printed face paints a fun smile, and the eyes are covered in a mesh fabric to give your child the appropriate amount of visibility. For a fun accessory, the cape has a "Boo" on the front to really show off the spookiness!

California Costumes Haunted Beauty Costume

Best Quality

The high-quality California Costumes Haunted Beauty Costume is a gorgeous piece for any seriously spooky child to wear. The costume is made of a dress, hooded shrug, and a chain to wrap around their body. The mesh veil attached to the shrug can be kept up or put in front of the face to cover it. The polyester fabric is breathable and comfortable to wear while outside.

There are plenty of choices for you to choose from when it comes to ghost costumes. Your child will enjoy being a specter and a spectacle all around the neighborhood.