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The best large beads for easy arts and crafts

Arts and crafts projects with beads offer a great creative outlet for children of all ages. You will love watching their artistic ideas come to life with the use of these colorful beads. Choosing the best beads for your child is an easy decision, thanks to this list featuring our top picks.

Kids of all ages can enjoy playing with beads, but it’s important to consider the different types of beads that will suit them through each stage of development. Beads for smaller children should be larger in size and have an opening that is wider to allow for easier threading. Older kids have better hand-eye coordination, so they’ll have an easier time using smaller beads for their projects.

Darice Big Value Pony Beads

Best for Older Kids

Provide a fun activity for a kids’ birthday party, sleep over, or in a classroom with the 1,000 multicolored, 9-milimeter beads in this variety pack. Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, these beads are great for making jewelry, braiding into hair, accenting key chains, and more. Or, create a learning activity that involves counting, sorting, or making patterns.

Augshy Acrylic Alphabet Cube Beads

Best Variety Pack

This variety pack of alphabet cube beads comes with 1,400 pieces in varying colors including, white, transparent, rainbow, and black. Each bead’s hole size measures 3.5 millimeters, making them the perfect size to string on pipe cleaners or the provided crystal string cord. Your child will love making personalized jewelry using the alphabet beads to spell whatever they want!

Craft Making Shop Large Multicolored Wooden Beads

Best for Younger Kids

For the best bead option for younger kids, try this 400-piece set of multi-colored wooden beads. Each bead measures approximately half an inch and has an opening of 4.5 millimeters, making them easy to grasp and thread. In addition to making jewelry, you can play a fun counting or sorting game with these beads or glue them to paper.

Your kid will love all the fun activities they can do with these beads. Boys and girls alike will love stringing the beads together to create fun patterns and designs. Younger kids will love organizing the beads by color or gluing them to a piece of paper to create a textured picture. Pick up a pack of these beads and watch your child’s imagination soar!