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The best plastic beads for jewelry making

When you think of plastic beads, the images that come to mind might include charms, bracelets, friendship bands, hair accessories, shoes, handbags, or apparel. There are myriad items that can be made or enhanced with the handy craft accessory. To make your mind go wild, check out these colorful, bold, and beautiful plastic beads.

Since there is virtually an unlimited combination of colors, shapes, and patterns when it comes to plastic beads, you can use your wildest imagination to craft jewelry and other items that suit you. For example, the beads can be made into an attractive decoration for clothing or footwear. Pour over these fun and alluring plastic beads to find out how they can enrich your craft projects.

Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets

Best Diy Kit

Perhaps a kit with many plastic beads will prompt some do-it-yourself juices to flow. The Made By Me Create Your Own Bead Pets is a top DIY kit. It includes 641 pony beads, six key rings, four lanyard clips, two satin cords, and a bonus storage box. There are patterns to follow to make a bead pet, but the beads and accessories can be used to craft your own unique items.

Sculpt Pro Fuse Beads

Best Variety Pack

If you desire a wide variety of plastic beads, you might find the Sculpt Pro Fuse Beads satisfying. The kit includes 20,000 beads in 20 different colors — including five that glow in the dark — six pieces of pegboards, iron paper, and tweezers. The items come in three stacking trays that convert into a carrying case for easier organization and travel.

Perler Beads Stripes and Pearls

Best with Organizer

To gain the benefits of a great plastic beads kit in a great container, get the Perler Beads Stripes and Pearls. It comes with 4,000 assorted striped and solid pearlized perler fuse beads in 16 colors arranged in a convenient storage tray designed to keep it all organized. The shiny and striped beads offer a pre-made perler bead pattern.

Be more imaginative and crafty by using plastic beads to create one-of-a-kind jewelry and other items. These top-notch plastic beads and bead kits can help foster unique things to wear or display.