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The best small paintbrush for crafting and beyond

Your little one enjoys arts and crafts, but you want to branch out beyond simple cut and glue activities. Creating works of art with a small paintbrush is a great next step to encourage creativity and provide a rewarding outlet for years to come. We went ahead and handpicked our favorite brushes and listed them here to help make your decision an easy one.

When looking for brushes, it’s important to note where you’ll be painting and with what. For instance, a small roller paintbrush is great for painting walls and other large surfaces. However, small foam paint brushes are ideal for canvas using thicker liquids like acrylic and oil paint. They’re suitable for getting into hard-to-reach spots like corners and edges.

Lastly, a small detail paintbrush is best for general paper applications like watercolor, oil paint, and acrylic craft paint. Let’s jump right in and find out which brushes your child will enjoy.

US Art Supply Foam Paint Brush Set

Best Foam

The US Art Supply set is a pack of 25 foam brushes suitable for most paints, chalk paint, varnish, and stains. Each one-inch wide brush features a lightweight wood handle and a beveled tip for painting tricky areas. The absorbent black foam prevents messy drip and ensures even application on your canvas.

Artlicious All-Purpose Kids' Paint Brush Set

Best Variety Pack

The Artlicious set is a variety pack of 25 general use nylon-, bristle-, sponge-, and camel hair brushes. Let your toddler go to town on a large, blank sheet of paper with these brushes in varying sizes and shapes. Some brushes feature a plastic handle while others provide a wooden handle for various purposes.

Darice Kid's Shed-Resistant Paint Brushes

Best Detailing

The Darice 24-count pack is the best choice for detail work, thanks to its thin plastic heads mounted on kid-friendly six-inch plastic handles. These brushes are great for multicolor projects and won't shed easily even when you use thick paints. Once clean and dry, store the brushes in the reusable pouch.

Small paintbrushes are best used for detailing and finishing touches on artwork. Easy to hold handles and sturdy bristles make these crucial to a home with young kids who enjoy expressing themselves through art. With any–or all!–of the multipacks on our list, your household’s arts and crafts time is about to get even more fun.