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The best smocks for easy arts and crafts clean up

Art lessons at home are more relaxing when you don’t have to worry about stains on your child’s clothes. If you and your little one love crafting together, but you stress about what glue and paint can do to their outfit, the smocks on our list are here to make creative play fun again. They’re the essential accessory for all of your projects.

Art playdates and parties are complete with the best smock tops from our list. These lovely accessories are a favorite of all parents and make an excellent gift for your guests to take home with them. Send your child’s friends off with a memory of their fun time together and keep their clothes protected, even when they’ve gone back home. Here are our favorite smocks for budding your artists.

Bassion Art Smocks

Best Overall

The Bassion Art Smocks is a pack of 2 colorful aprons designed for little artists ages 2 to 6. With waterproof materials and long sleeves, these smocks provide full coverage of your child's upper body. They feature three large pockets that hold your little one's brushes, markers, and other art supplies. Their open-back design stays in place with Velcro and keeps your child fresh while they paint.

J MARK Art Smocks

Best Print

Paint splatters stay on the apron and away from your child's clothes with the J MARK Art Smocks. This color-filled set of 2 protects kids ages two to eight with waterproof polyester fibers that are non-toxic and breathable. They offer long sleeve protection with two convenient pockets and the best print design that children love.

Mudder Art Smocks

Best Value

For maximum range of movement, the Mudder Art Smocks are the easy to wear painting aprons that keep kids comfortable as they create art. With simple waist ties and a classic design, this pack of 2 non-toxic smocks fits children 2 to 5 years old. They're waterproof, reusable, and quick-drying for maximum convenience. The roomy storage pockets help your little one carry their brushes and other supplies while keeping their hands free for creative play.

Art nurtures creativity and imagination in children. To help your child feel free, an let out the artist in them, our favorite smocks protect their clothes for worry-free playtime. Whether your little one likes to paint, sculpt or cook, these are the best smocks for their clothes to stay stain-free and keep a smile on your face.