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The best spacer beads to elevate your craft

Spacer beads are the beads that you put to fill in the rest of the necklace or bracelet that you make. Since most jewelry pieces center around a certain style of bead or a few charms, it is vital to have other beads to frame and support the show’s stars. Any bead can be a spacer bead, but when you look for spacer beads, they are designed to fill in space beautifully without pulling any of the attention away from what you should be focusing on.

Spacer beads come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials to mix and match for your bead craft. Sterling silver spacer beads are a classic choice for crafters due to their neutral yet refined color. Gold spacer beads are another choice if you want something a bit more regal for your project. Metal spacer beads can be in multiple shapes, too, like spheres, cubes, and even floral designs engraved into the bead. These give you plenty of options to work with when you create your crafts.

PH PandaHall Spacer Beads

Best Packaging

When you need your beads organized and all in one spot, the PH PandaHall Spacer Beads will give you a storage space to do so. The spacer beads are already pre-organized into their cavities on the dish, so you don't have to do it. Each of the beads are made of a Zinc Tibetan alloy, which is a nice way to add a retro feel to your jewelry. There are fifty pieces of each of the six designs to give you 300 total beads.

TOAOB Assorted Glass Spacer Beads

Most Durable

The TOAOB Assorted Glass Spacer Beads are a collection of sturdy beads that are sure to withstand any everyday wear and tear. The beads are glass on the outside and supported with a silver-plated brass core to stay strong while hanging on a string or wire. The metal edges keep the holes open and uncracked so that your beads stay whole and beautiful.

QUEFE Multicolored Round Spacers

Best Value

For a high-quality product with great value, the QUEFE Multicolored Round Spacers are the right pack for your bead collection. This set includes 500 colorful beads in different marbled patterns and fifty antique silver spacer beads to give you all the options you would want during jewelry making. The patterns are all unique, so each piece of jewelry you make will be one of a kind.

These spacer beads are sure to fill in the rest of the space of the jewelry and crafts that you design. Between the beautiful charms and statement beads that you put on a string or wire, you will find the spacer beads that hold everything together.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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