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The best tissues for all-around use at home and on the go

You also want the tissues to be comfortable for you, meaning that the packaging is good and easy to use in a hurry. Or that the box easily fits in the cup holder of your car. That way, you’ll rest assured that you’re prepared. Here are our top picks for the best tissues.

Not all tissues are created equal. Some absorb liquids better than others. Some have lotion, which is perfect for dry or chaffed skin. But that lotion might also be problematic for babies and adults with sensitive skin. So you want to check how well they absorb liquid, how soft they are, and how easy they are to tear.

Kleenex Perfect Fit Facial Tissue

Best Packaging

You can’t have a list about tissues and not recommend Kleenex. It’s practically the noun we use to describe any generic facial tissue. And these ones, like its name implies, are really the perfect fit. They come in a container that actually looks good, so you won’t mind having them around the house.

Puffs Lotion Facial Tissues

Best With Lotion

Some people have concerns about tissues with lotion. Those tissues also tend to be less absorbent. But when you or your baby have skin that is raw during a cold season, nothing will be as soothing. And these ones are the best.

Reeflex Car Tissues

Best for Car

Having a pack of tissues in your car is great, especially with a baby or young kid aboard. And when you’re driving, it’s really handy to have that pack right next to you in the cup holder. That’s exactly what these tissues are about. They’re durable, soft, and thick, as well.

Having the best tissues might seem unimportant at first. But you will quickly see how big of a difference it makes. We recommend keeping a package in every “hot spot” of your life. That way, you’ll always be ready. Especially when allergies are in season or the weather drops.