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The best washable crayons for easy clean-up

You always want your kids to enjoy, and with the washable crayons for toddlers, they can color wherever they like. Their materials are optimized to be easily cleaned off from any surface and make your life easier.

Washable crayons have become an essential element, especially for playful kids who like to draw on the skin, walls, or even clothes. These products are specially made to help you remove the paint with only water and tissue paper. Make sure your crayons are non-toxic and safe for toddlers. We have assembled a few crayons that meet the criteria. Have a look!

U.S. Art Supply Super Crayons

Best Gel Crayon

Committed to quality, U.S. Art Supply Super Crayons comes with a vast range of colors, enhancing your kid's color creativity. This gel crayons' paint can be applied smoothly and cleaned off from skin or walls even with fingertips. You can conveniently store these jumbo washable crayons in its folding case.

Lebze Toddler Crayons

Best First Crayon Set

The crayon set by Lebze is one of the best washable crayons for toddlers since it is made of non-toxic materials. The Crayola washable crayons pack comes with 12 long-lasting vibrant colors. They are easy to clean and safe, making them the perfect option for your toddler.

Jar Melo 3-In-1 Effect Washable Crayons

Best Packaging For Travel

Jar Melo is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, which makes it perfect for body painting. You can also use these crayons as watercolor with a little addition of water. You can wash it off from the skin or clothes within minutes.

The washable crayons are a convenient utility, as you don’t always need to watch what your kid is coloring since it will eventually come off. Considering materials, size, and color, we have picked the best washable crayons for your kid to have the best coloring experience. You can select one that fits your needs!