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Give Your Baby a Name With a Nautical Twist With These Water-Themed Baby Names

Choosing a baby name can be a daunting task. So many choices! You don’t want your child to be saddled with a name she will later hate but you also don’t want her to be one of five Hunters or Emmas in her class. Do you go traditional or modern? Unique or one of the top 10 from the yearly baby names list? It can be a lot. Sometimes choosing a theme and then choosing a name can make the task a little easier. If you’re interested in water-themed or nautical names, then here’s the list for you!

An adorable baby boy in a crib.

Take a look at our list of water-themed names for a little baby name inspiration.

Water-themed names for girls

Here’s a boatload of water and ocean-inspired names for girls.


Cordelia is a Welsh name meaning “jewel of the sea”.


Another name of Welsh origin, Meredith means “guardian of the sea”.


This unique Greek name means “from the sea” and is a great alternative to the more common Marissa.


This gorgeous gem from the ocean is a beautiful traditional girl’s name.


This beautiful name is from ancient Sanskrit and means “sea” or “ocean”.


Meaning “mouth of a river”, Delta is a lovely water name for a daughter.


In French, Delphine means “dolphin” and is a great choice for your playful, smart little girl.

Water-themed names for boys

If you love the water, one of these water-themed names for boys might be just what you’re looking for.


The name Troy is from the Irish-Gaelic and means “water”. As well as garnering some fame from Homer’s Iliad and the story of Helen, Troy is a well-known, but not commonly used boys’ name, so your future son is likely to be the only Troy in his class.


Dylan is a super popular name, but its meaning — “son of the sea” — isn’t widely known.


Another Irish-Gaelic name, Hurley means “seat tide”.


This Hawaiian name means “sea” and is a great choice for boys but also works as a unisex name!


This unisex name needs no explanation.


Calder is of English origin and means “rocky water”. Though it’s unique it’s gained popularity over the last decade.


This classic name is of Scottish origin and means “great stream.”

No matter what water baby name you choose for your little sailor or navigator, you will sure to have found a unique option that you will love for years to come.

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