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The best banana teethers to ease baby’s teething discomfort

Instead of feeling fussy and frustrated because of teething, a child can feel comfortable and content with a good banana teether. The better banana teethers are easy to hold, improve hand-eye coordination, and help soothe sore gums. These banana teethers are some of the best and should be highly considered as the teething aid you need for your irritable child.

Banana teethers provide a soft exterior that helps massage the gums of a teething child and offer multiple chewing surfaces. Plus, they are shaped like the fruit that many young children find pleasing and tasty. These top-of-the-line banana teethers can help soothe your cranky child and serve as another useful development toy — or come with a toothbrush — to boot.

Baby Banana’s Yellow Banana Toothbrush & Training Teether

Best Teether & Toothbrush Combo

If you need a good banana teether, why not get one that’s also a good toothbrush? Baby Banana’s Yellow Banana Toothbrush & Training Teether is such a combo. Produced from flexible silicone material, it can gently massage teeth and gums. The combo’s soft and flexible brush is designed to protect young mouths that are still learning oral care habits.

ANGELBLISS Baby Teething Toys Set

Best Multi-Pack

Having an extra teether or two on hand is a good idea in case one wears out. The ANGELBLISS Baby Teething Toys Set is a leading, multi-pack option, offering four organic and freezer-safe toys, including a useful banana teether. Sporting a pliable beads and bumps design, the teethers are designed to soothe and massage gums to reduce fussiness and discomfort.

Nuby Soothing Corn Teether

Best Value

Searching for an affordable teether? End it with the Nuby Soothing Corn Teether, a soft three-dimensional teether in pleasing green and yellow colors that’s a great value. It’s designed to comfort a baby’s delicate gums and also stimulate their lips and tongue to promote the transition from nursing to chewing. The fun and functional teether is produced entirely from super-soft silicone.

Eliminate the fussiness and discomfort and add some fun by providing your young child a functional and pleasing teether. These banana teethers are spot-on in the functional and fun categories.