The best carpet stain remover for hassle-free spot cleaning

Carpet stain removers tackle tough grease, dirt, or food stains so you don’t have to replace your flooring in the future. Some also feature odor-fighting properties to lift funky smells from your carpets, mats, or rugs. We reviewed the top carpet stain remover brands on this list to help you discover the right product that will keep your home spotless.

Carpet stain removers come in spray, powder, or concentrated liquid forms. Spray bottles are ideal for treating spot stains like pet accidents or small spills. Liquid and concentrated formulas are best for large areas, washing machines, or commercial-grade carpet cleaners.

One important trick to remember with stain removers is to test a small area first to make sure the product is safe on your carpet or rug. Now, let’s take a look at our best picks.

Emmy's Best Powerful Stain and Pet Odor Remover

Best Spray

Emmy’s Best stain remover is best for households with young pets who are still mastering potty training. This formula also eliminates odors and pheromones pets leave behind when they have an accident. Treat small areas easily with this handy spray bottle and calm your pet with a soothing lavender scent.

Bubba's Super-Strength Carpet Shampoo Solution

Best Shampoo

Bubba's Super-Strength solution is the best shampoo formula for carpets. This commercial-grade stain remover is ideal for carpet-cleaning machines. Simply mix 1 ounce of shampoo per gallon of water to dilute the mixture.

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder

Best Powder

The OxiClean stain remover is the best powder alternative on our list. It’s commonly used for washing large laundry loads, but it is also compatible with carpets and upholstery. One box includes about 7 pounds of chlorine-free powder.

Carpet stain removers are essential for any household, but they are even more necessary for homes with pets or children. Whether in spray, powder, or liquid form, these useful products eliminate stains, odors, and prevent pet messes all in one application. Eliminate tough, set-in stains and enjoy spotless floors again with the help of any of the carpet stain removers on our list.