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The best flake nails for kids’ self-expression

Flake nails for kids have major advantages over other types of nail polishes or nail art choices you can have for your child. Nail polish can be difficult for younger kids to work with, and you may not get the right kinds of designs when you freehand them on nails. Nail stickers are fun and have plenty of details but can come off more easily. They also don’t cover the whole nail. Flake nails are a great way to get the best of both worlds: durable and detailed designs that are easy to apply.

Flake nails are known through a number of different names like press-on nails, pre-glued nails, or stick on nails. These all let you know what these nails do. They are simple sets of fake nails, usually made of plastic, that have some adhesive on the back of the nail’s curve. They are shaped to fit every size of nail on your hand. Each of the nails you can purchase will also have different designs that may be difficult to make on your own, so it’s easier to use and apply.

Vivace Color Changing Press-On Nails

Best Overall

The Vivace Color Changing Press-On Nails are a beautiful set of press on sticker nails that make it easy for your child to feel dressed up. The nails come in four packs of beautiful and adorable designs. The 48 tips come in glow in the dark designs that will change colors in the dark after a charge of the light. They are easy to press on, so even your younger children can enjoy them.

Beautia Artificial Nails

Best for Teenage Girls

Teens may want something a bit more sophisticated when they start getting into nail art. The Beautia Artificial Nails come in designs that will appeal to your teen daughter. Designs such as French tips, pastel blues, and shiny pinks are sure to delight them. They can pick which ones will match their outfit and style to show off their personality with ease.

MayQueen Fake Nail Kits

Cutest Designs

The cutest designs you can find for your child's press-on nails come from the MayQueen Fake Nail Kits. These kits come with adorable designs and patterns that you won't find anywhere else. They will enjoy having unique nails with fun color combinations and cute details that add to any child's outfit. This is perfect for any child who wants something more than simple press-on nails on their vanity.

Your child will fall in love with all the different designs they will get when giving them these flake nails. Enjoy their happiness and their joy when you see them expressing their creativity and style.