The best kids inflatable costumes for fun events

You need to consider a few things when finding the right kind of inflatable costume will work for you. First, figure out if your child feels comfortable walking around in an inflatable costume. This means there will be running air inside of the costume at all times to keep it puffed up. Then, you need to figure out what kind of battery power it will need. The more elaborate or large the costume, the heavier the battery pack usually is. Most of all, your child should comfortably fit inside of the costume, depending on their height. When you figure out all of these things, you will quickly pinpoint the perfect costume.

There are plenty of ideas that work great as an inflatable costume because it lets your child transform quickly without worrying about the heaviness of the costume or the amount of materials they will have to carry around. An inflatable T-rex costume makes a kid look and feel ferocious when walking up and down the neighborhood for candies. They can also ride animals and make it look like they are galloping across the plains.

Find what costumes would be great for your child by finding out what they want to be, and you are sure to find an inflatable costume that will make their dreams come true.

Rubie's Velociraptor Blue Inflatable Child Costume

Best Dinosaur

If your child is ready to unleash their raptor roar, then get them to put on Rubie's Velociraptor Blue Inflatable Child Costume. This is a 100% nylon velociraptor costume with a simple hook-and-loop closure. It fits children up to 54 inches in height. This is officially licensed from Jurassic World, and you can see it from the highly detailed costume skin.

TOLOCO Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume

Best Unicorn

Your child will ride off into the sunset with their very own unicorn in the TOLOCO Inflatable Unicorn Rider Costume. The durable polyester is strong, so you never have to worry about tears and holes. The unicorn has a white body that is accented by colorful features. The rider's body will give a fun optical illusion for all to see.

Kooy Inflatable Alien

Best Alien

Oh no! Your child is being abducted by the Kooy Inflatable Alien! Bring lots of fun and laughs when your child looks like a large alien is carrying them. The polyester is strong, and the green alien body is very vibrant, which is also great for visibility when going around in the night. The alien fits children up to 59 inches tall.

These are all great choices for your child to use when they want to have an inflatable costume. Whether it’s riding a horse throughout the neighborhood or becoming a ferocious beast, your child will have a ton of fun being something else for a night.