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The best organic cotton balls for applications to delicate skin

Organic cotton balls can be used to apply toners and astringents, remove makeup and nail polish, clean delicate skin, or apply medicated ointments. They usually are all natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable, chlorine and fragrance free, and very soft. These high-ranking organic cotton balls are all of those things and more.

Since cotton is the most pesticide-treated crop globally, cotton balls typically have some level of pesticides or residues on them. To ensure you’re using cotton balls produced from safe cotton — and that are unbleached to boot — buy organic cotton balls. These leading and pure organic cotton balls contain no harmful chemicals or bleach and are sterile.

BIOLOGIQUE Organic Cotton Ball

Best for Tender Skin

If you have sensitive or tender skin, consider using the BIOLOGIQUE Organic Cotton Ball. Sold in three packs of 80-count balls, they are made from certified organic cotton whitened with hydrogen peroxide. The triple-size cotton balls come in a reusable and resealable package. The premium cotton balls can be used for beauty and personal care.

3-Pack Sky Organics Organic Cotton Balls

Best Fragrance-Free

If you don’t want any fragrance or chlorine in your organic cotton balls, take a look at Sky Organics Organic Cotton Balls. They are made from GOTS-certified cotton without any chlorine or fragrance and are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Sold as three 100-count packages, the jumbo cotton balls are highly absorbent and soft.

COTTON LABO Organic Cotton Large Puff

Best Large Size

Desiring a large organic cotton ball? Then get the COTTON LABO Organic Cotton Large Puff. Each puff weighs nearly a quarter pound and has no pesticides or non-agricultural chemicals. Designed to be very soft on skin, the all-organic cotton balls can be used for makeup, a cleansing patting, and facial mask.

Be kinder to the environment and kinder on your skin by getting all-natural and super soft organic cotton balls. These top-notch and buy-worthy cotton balls can help you meet those goals while tending to beauty and personal care duties.