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The best wooden dollhouses to keep your kids’ attention

Just like other toys, there are plenty of options when you are looking for the perfect dollhouse for your child. They range from large wooden dollhouses to small compact ones that pack up and port around easily. If you have multiple children who will want to play at the same time, there are dollhouses without any walls so they can all play together without bumping into each other. You’re sure to find the perfect wooden dollhouse for your home among our top picks.

A wooden dollhouse kit is a great way to add to your child’s playroom without worrying about buying dozens of individual toys. Dollhouse kits usually include dolls and furniture so your child has everything they need to start imagining creative scenarios for their playmates. Dollhouses can help develop your child’s social skills and cognitive abilities through the imaginative and immersive play.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Best Overall

Majestic doesn’t even start to describe the KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse. This wooden dollhouse kit is fully furnished and expansive to provide vast amounts of playtime. There are four stories and eight rooms including a garage and an attic. The sturdy construction guarantees that this dollhouse will last through years of play and fun. The package comes with step-by-step instructions so you can quickly put together these houses so your child can start playing in no time.

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse

Best Portable

When you want something that you can take on the go, this product is built to let you have a fully functioning dollhouse that packs up in a compact storage container. It includes 11 pieces of furniture and two dolls. The front and garage doors work so your child’s dolls can walk in and out easily. Pack it up and fasten together with sturdy carrying handles that make it easy to tote.

Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set

Best Quality

This fully furnished playset has open walls so your children can play together without bumping into each other. There are 15 pieces of furniture on this 1:12 scale dollhouse. The colors are vibrant and interesting, and each dollhouse and its furniture is made with sturdy wood to withstand countless hours of playtime.

Your child will enjoy playing with their very own wooden dollhouse for years to come. They are built to last through many play sessions and everyday use. Your child will enjoy bringing their imagination to life with all the different furniture and house layouts that these dollhouses can provide.