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New baby? These gifts can help big sis feel included

Congratulations! A new addition to the family is on the way! A baby is exciting for everyone, but sometimes the impending arrival of a family member can leave big sisters feeling a little left out. Whether your daughter is toddler or a teen, the arrival of a sibling does bring changes to the family’s dynamics and daily routines.

It is normal for older siblings to feel anxious about how the new baby will impact their lives as well as those tinges of jealousy, since the newborn will undoubtedly become the center of attention. Younger children may act out more, while older kids may withdraw or become defiant.

Your daughter may not even know how she feels about becoming a big sis, but you can help the adjustment go smoother by making her feel included. A fun way to make her feel special is with gifts for the new big sister. So, what are the best big sister gifts to get her excited about her little brother or sister?


Sharing a new book together is a great way to get your daughter used to the idea of being a big sister. There are quite a few children’s books that make for fun reads and can help your daughter feel happy about the change coming to the family.

Ashley Moulton’s How to Be a Big Sister: A Guide to Being the Best Sibling Ever is ideal for 5 to 7-year-olds. It talks about the change coming to the family, how your daughter can help, as well as how she can welcome her new sibling into the fold.

You’re the Biggest by Lucy Tapper tells the tale of the journey of an older sibling through the eyes of two foxes. This delightful children’s book makes for an excellent read and will introduce your big girl to the wonders of having a little sister or brother.

A wonderfully personalized book for the big sister to be is The Super, Incredible Big Sister. Created by I See Me, the book is completely personalized to include your daughter’s name and the name of the new sibling. If you haven’t decided on a name, the text will read “baby” instead. This set includes a medal with Velcro ribbon, and it is perfect for soon-to-be big sisters from toddler to 6 years of age.

Matching shirts

Big-sister tees are a fun gift to make the new older sis feel special. Even better is a matching set from Unordinary Toddler that includes a big-sister T-shirt along with a onesie for the little sister or brother. The matching sets come in different colors, and the onesies are available for little sisters or brothers. Sizes go up to age 7.


Teens may handle a new baby differently than younger children, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to feel included, too. Most teenagers would never wear a big-sister shirt, but a special piece of jewelry to honor the occasion would be treasured. A heart locket or a new charm by AOBOCO in honor of her new little baby or sister will certainly be a noteworthy keepsake she will always remember.

Journaling set

A wonderful gift for tweens and teens about to become a big sister is a journaling set. Keeping a journal is a way for older kids to write down their feelings about becoming a big sister as well as keeping track of other special life events. Many tweens and teens enjoy journal writing, and this set from STMT can get them started on the journey. It comes complete with 70-page journal, pen, and more.

Special hideaway

If your soon-to-be big sister is worried the new baby will interfere with her space and alone time, the kids pop-up princess castle from Tiny Land makes for a fun and useful gift. The pretty pop-up tent goes inside or out and is perfect fit for big-sisters-to-be from the ages of 2 to 6.

One of these age-appropriate gifts is a thoughtful way to get your daughter excited about the big change on the horizon for the family. Bringing a new baby home is a joyful experience, but it’s easy for older siblings to feel left out. A gift will remind her that she’s special, too.

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