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Mother kissing her baby

Can you take NyQuil while breastfeeding? What you need to know

NyQuil products are popular remedies, but are they safe while breastfeeding? Our guide lists the pros and cons for you and your baby.
Baby in a swaddle sleeping.

Sleep sack vs. swaddle: What’s the safest option for putting your baby to sleep?

Sleep sack vs. swaddle: Get advice on the safety of a sleep sack and a swaddle to know which to snuggle your little one in.
Kids having fun at a bowling alley party

How to throw the perfect kids’ bowling birthday party

A bowling birthday party is a perfect strike for kids of all ages and here's everything you need to plan one.
A mother comforting a crying baby.

Which is making your baby cranky – teething fever or sickness? How to tell

Have a cranky baby that feels a little warm? Here's how to tell if that hot forehead is a teething fever or a sign your baby is sick.
Cute baby boy babbling with their mom

The baby milestone chart every parent needs

When is your baby supposed to laugh? Learn when all those exciting baby milestones are going to happen with this chart every parent needs on hand.
A parent holding up a baby outside in the snow

Nature names for boys and girls – let the outdoors inspire you

Nature-inspired names for boys and girls are increasing in popularity. Here are some naturally beautiful name ideas for your little boy or girl.
Two children are making a snack in the kitchen

We love these easy, healthy snacks for kids

Kids love to snack but they don't always choose the healthiest options. We've got some easy and healthy snacks for kids that won't break the bank.
A child and parent on the floor talking

How to avoid raising a spoiled child (and 3 warning signs to look out for)

If you want to raise a kid that wouldn't be the first to go in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, we have ways to stop a spoiled child from hatching in your home.
Mom breastfeeding and manual breast pump on the table

Cluster feeding: What you need to know

Cluster feeding can happen with breast- or bottle-fed babies. Haven't heard of cluster feeding? Here's you go-to guide on cluster feeding.
Pregnant woman not feeling well

When does morning sickness start? All your questions answered

When does morning sickness start? Is it constant? How bad does it get? Here's some help about the part of growing a baby that makes you sick to your stomach.
Dad clicking sleeping baby boy into car seat

How long are car seats good for? Everything you need to know

How long are car seats good for? We've got your go-to list on how to tell if a car seat is still safe to use.
A parent holding a newborn baby in the hospital room

Your baby will take a test the minute they are born, and here’s what their Apgar score means

Your newborn will be quizzed right out of the womb. Know every part of the Apgar score to feel more relaxed about your little one's results.
A pregnant woman with flowers

The best flower names for kids – here are some floral-inspired options to consider

While most flower names are thought to be only for girls, we're seeing many gender-neutral and boy options as well. We'll give you some of the best options.

Why can’t babies have honey? The answer may not be what you think

The reason babies shouldn't have honey until they reach their first birthday is because of the bacteria it contains that can cause serious illnesses in infants.
A toddler sleeping in the bed.

Why do toddlers cry in their sleep and how can you help them?

Learn some of the reasons why toddlers cry in their sleep and if there's anything to do to help prevent it, so everyone gets their rest.
Baby eating pumpkin

Teething baby not eating? 7 simple solutions every concerned parent should try

Is your teething baby not eating normally? We have some tips to turn a cranky, hungry, teething baby into a fed one.
New Year's resolutions written on a notebook.

This is the most important New Year’s resolution parents need to make

Here is the most crucial New Year's resolution parents should make this year — and really follow through with keeping.
Baby in a highchair at the table eating.

Is your baby not eating solid foods? Here’s what could be going on

Is your baby not eating solids all of a sudden? We discuss what could be going on and how to get your little one's appetite back.
A surprised Santa against a red wall.

When kids believing in Santa come to an end: At what age and why they stop

When the magic of kids believing in Santa looks like it's about to disappear, here's how to handle it.
Toddler girl having a night terror

Why do toddlers wake up crying? A few alarming things might be going on

There are a few reasons why toddler wakes up crying. Let us help you figure out which ones you need to be on the lookout for.
Brushing a toddler's hair

Is your toddler’s hair growing slowly? Here are some tips to promote hair growth

Looking for tips for toddler hair growth? Here's what to do for toddler hair growing slow.
Pregnant woman drinking juice.

How to tell if excessive thirst during pregnancy is normal or cause for concern

Feel like a camel storing water? Know if that excessive thirst during pregnancy is just another symptom you get to deal with.
A surprised Santa against a red wall.

Is it OK to lie to your children about Santa Claus? Here’s what experts say

Learn what experts say about lying to kids about Santa Claus.
A dad reading to baby in mom's belly.

The best books for expecting dads that every first-time father should read

All fathers need to know what to expect when their partner is pregnant. Put these best books for expecting dads on your reading list to know what's coming.
Baby sleeping in a bed with their mouth open

Does your baby sleep with their mouth open? What to know about mouth breathing in babies

Everything parents should do if their baby sleeps with their mouth open. Mouth breathing in babies can be a red flag.
Post partum belly

Are you feeling your baby’s movement in your lower abdomen? Here’s what might be happening

Throughout your pregnancy, you might wonder, “Why do I feel my baby's movement in my lower abdomen?” We explain why and what exactly is going on.
Family decorating tree

How many presents should your child get for Christmas? Here are some insights

Celebrating Christmas doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. We offer hints in determining how many gifts to give your children.
A mother changing a baby on a bed.

Your baby fell off the bed! Do these things immediately to ensure proper care for your child

Your baby fell off the bed. Don't panic just yet. We have the advice for you to follow in case this happens to your child.
A newborn baby in their bassinet.

You won’t believe what the most popular nicknames for baby boys are

It can be hard to come up with cute nicknames for baby boy, so here's a list to help you find one to suit your little guy.
Christmas crafts tools

7 great Christmas crafts your 14-year-old will think are cool

Take a break from the stress of the holiday season and enjoy doing Christmas crafts for teens together.
Cute baby girl in a headband sitting up.

The most popular baby girl nicknames that are so cute and unique they might surprise you

Popular baby girl nicknames from traditional to funny to try on your little sweetheart.
Toddler girl sleeping with plush bear

What to do when your toddler is coughing in their sleep and won’t stop

Here are remedies to try, as well as red flags to watch out for when your toddler is coughing in their sleep.
A mother talking to her teenage son while sitting on the couch.

Parenting 101: A list of punishments for teenagers that actually work

Teens are like toddlers — they love to test boundaries. If your child trips up, having a list of punishments for teenagers will help get things back on track.
Three teenage girls in matching pajamas

10 great party favors teenage girls will actually think are cool

Shopping for teenaged girls can be a disaster, so when looking for party favors for teens, try these cool ideas that won't end up in the trash.
Sleeping toddler

8 incredible tips to get a toddler to sleep quickly

How to get a toddler to sleep quickly when they take forever to fall asleep
Child eating pizza out of pizza box

How to stop food obsession in children

Can a toddler be obsessed with food? Learn the signs of food obsession and how to prevent them before it turns into an eating disorder.
Two toddler grls playing with blocks

Does your child have Asperger’s syndrome? Experts explain how to tell

These signs indicate that your toddler might have Asperger's syndrome.
Baby sleeps in crib with blue night light

Should babies sleep with a night light? Tips for using this handy gadget

A night light in the nursery sounds like a good idea, but here are the ins and outs of why a night light might not be the best for baby's sleep hygiene.
Mother holding infant baby

Should you take DayQuil while nursing?

Catching a cold can be a nuisance while you're nursing a new baby - but should you take non-drowsy DayQuil to get through the day?
A parent taking care of a sick child.

Feeding toddlers when sick: What to feed a toddler with a fever

Having a sick child at home is never fun, especially when they won't eat. We know what to feed a toddler with a fever to get their appetite back.
Dad holding baby in the nursery.

Should I wake baby from a long nap? 4 times it’s OK

If you're asking yourself, should I wake up baby from a long nap, you aren't alone. We'll let you know when it's normal to wake that babe.
Toddler girl

Typical toddler behavior or autism? Key differences

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually appears before age 3. Here's how to tell the difference between a symptom of ASD and normal toddler development.
Baby shower favors

9 inexpensive baby shower favors people will actually like

On the hunt for baby shower favors that won't break the bank? We've got baby shower favor ideas that are thoughtful and useful.
Parents smiling while holding newborn

Bizzare behavior alert: Your baby constantly kicking legs and moving arms is actually totally normal

A baby constantly kicking legs and moving arms could seem a little strange, but it's normal. Here are other bizarre baby behaviors you may see your newborn do.
Teenage boy taking food from fridge

How many calories should I let my teen eat per day? The answer is complicated

Whether your teen is dieting or needs to lose weight, it's important to know how many calories your teen should be eating per day.
Drinking wine while pregnant

Real talk: How much wine can you safely drink while pregnant? (We’re surprised)

Real talk: How much wine can you really drink during your pregnancy? We'll provide you with some information to make an informed decision.
Baby with sweet potatoes

9 amazing sweet potato baby food combinations your child will love

Making your own sweet potato baby food is a snap with these tasty fruit and vegetable combinations.
Teen vaping outside

How you should discipline a teen for vaping

If you've caught your teen and need to know what's an appropriate punishment for vaping, we've got your go-to parenting guide.
Pregnant woman making eggs.

8 super easy, healthy breakfasts for pregnant women you can make in 15 minutes

Ideas for breakfast for pregnant women don't have to be bland and tasteless. We have delicious options that won't take all morning to make.
A baby on their stomach holding themselves up.

Concerned about head-shaking child behavior? Here’s what you need to know

Ease your mind with information about if head shaking child behavior is normal — if you should be concerned, what causes head shaking, and what to do about it.