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The best baby food feeders to help your little one explore eating new foods

While introducing your child to pureed foods, you can also introduce them to baby food feeders. They can then explore new foods on their own. These feeders can help make your baby a more adventurous eater!

Baby food feeders can keep children entertained, introduce them to new foods, and prevent choking. They have small pockets which can be securely shut so your child won’t play with their food. They can also function as teethers. Our guide to the best baby food feeders has just a few for you to choose from.

Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier

Best Overall

Ashtonbee Baby Fruit Feeder Pacifier is made entirely of silicone. It is BPA, latex, and petroleum free. It can be used as a baby food feeder or as a teether. To use it as a feeder, simply pop some fruit or vegetables into the nipple. It is stain resistant.

Mluchee Baby Food Feeder

Best Value

A purchase of a pack of Mluchee Baby Food Feeders includes three pacifiers. Each has a removable lid to contain messes. The nipple is made of silicone and the handle is made of plastic. Its large, circular handle is easy for babies to grasp. These fresh food feeders are easy to clean — just sterilize them in boiling water.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Best Budget

Munchkin’s Fresh Food Feeder helps to prevent choking. It has mesh pockets instead of a nipple that foods are inserted into. They come in a variety of bright colors. Note that the mesh can rip and stain, unlike silicone. These are designed for babies ages 6 months and up.

Baby food feeders are a great way to introduce your child to new foods. They can be made of silicone or mesh. Keep in mind that mesh baby bottle food feeders stain more than silicone ones.