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The best crib wedges to help your baby sleep comfortably

By slightly elevating a baby’s head, a crib wedge helps improve breathing, especially if an illness is making breathing difficult. Moreover, a crib wedge can help a baby digest food better to reduce discomfort from acid reflux or some other stomach condition. To gain the elevation benefits of a crib wedge, consider getting one of these high-ranking models.

A crib wedge is a helpful device to use if your baby has a cold or respiratory illness. The wedge can elevate a baby’s head above his or her feet to make breathing easier and increase comfort while sleeping. These top-notch crib wedges provide that necessary elevation, but offer high flexibility, adjustability, and value as well.

OCCObaby Universal Bassinet Wedge

Best Overall

To best benefit from a crib wedge, get one of the best ones, like the OCCObaby Universal Bassinet Wedge. It offers a waterproof layer, handcrafted cotton and removable cover, and a 12-degree incline to provide babies a better night’s sleep. That incline safely elevates a baby's head and torso, helps reduce spit ups, and relieves head congestion.

Did and Me Bassinet Wedge Pillow

Best Adjustable

Seeking an adjustable crib wedge? Then consider the Did and Me Bassinet Wedge Pillow, which is considered among the most adjustable models. It features three adjustable inclines including a standard 12-degree and smaller 4-degree bassinet wedges that can be placed together in a specially designed cover for a 16-degree elevation that aids in bottle feeding.

Perfect Sleeper Deluxe 2-Pack Crib Wedge

Best Value

If value is important to you, the Perfect Sleeper Deluxe 2-Pack Crib Wedge is a leading affordable and high-value option. The two-pack of 27-inch by 14-inch by 3-inch wedges feature a universal design so they can fit all cribs and toddler beds. The wedges’ incline can help reduce spit ups and ease symptoms from acid reflux and nasal congestion.

If your baby is showing signs of a bad cold, nasal congestion, or acid reflux — mainly by sleeping poorly — then get a good crib wedge. These well-engineered and easy-to-clean crib wedges should help your baby feel and sleep better in no time.