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Melissa Rudy

Former Digital Trends Contributor
A toddler reaching into a bag of fast food in the car

7 of the best fast-food items for kids you can feel good about grabbing

When on the go, it is possible to keep your kiddos fed guilt-free. We list healthier fast-food options for your toddler or preschooler.
Toddler being spoon-fed breakfast

6 of the best toddler cereals to offer your child that aren’t packed with sugar

Although most cereals are packed with sugar, there are still some healthy options. We list the best toddler cereals that your kiddo will enjoy.
toddler sleeping

What to do when your child fights bedtime

What you can do to help your child stop fighting bedtime
A crib with nursery decor hanging above it

5 tips for decorating a nursery on a budget

You don't have to drain your baby budget to create a warm, welcoming nursery. Below are some practical tips for creating an Instagram-worthy haven on the cheap.
baby sleep crib get

How to get your baby to sleep in a crib

Struggling to get your baby to sleep in the crib instead of the swing, stroller, or your arms? We list effective methods to do it.
Large array of dried fruit

At what age should kids be introduced to dried fruits?

Wondering when it’s safe to introduce your little one to dried fruit? Learn when and how to serve this nutritious food to them.