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How your child should behave on a play date

To avoid uncomfortable moments on your next fun outing, go over play date etiquette with your little one.

How to build a great sand castle with your kids

Children love the beach because they can build magnificent sand castles. Keep a few tricks up your sleeve.

How to give baby’s nursery a country-themed makeover

If you want to give your child's room an upscale country theme, it's possible without expensive renovations.

The 5 best games for kids to play at the park

As the world becomes more and more online, it becomes more important to encourage your and their friends to get outside. Parks are one of the best places for kids. There are playgrounds, fields, streams, lakes, trails, and more. It just…

Is your toddler hitting? Here’s how to discipline them

Toddlers have an abundance of emotions. When they don’t quite know how to express themselves, they may resort to less-than-desirable actions like hitting you or their caretaker. Fortunately, there are many safe methods on how to…

The right ways to correct a child who mispronounces words

The first years of a child’s life are filled with an explosion of new words their ears are hearing for the first time. Even though they may not know what these words mean, a child will instinctively repeat these words — most times…