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The best acrylic paint brush sets for your little artist

When you and your child decide to paint, one of the most common choices is acrylic. Acrylic brushes are durable and stiff enough to manipulate the paint but easy to wash. Our top options for best acrylic paint brush sets will ensure you have a quality paint set for both you and your child to explore your creativity.

Acrylic paint brush sets give you an accessible option for making art, whether this is your child’s first attempt or you’re both seasoned pros. Acrylic is a more accessible medium, and the right paintbrushes give you and your child the chance to create to your hearts’ content. Here are our favorites.

Benicci Complete Acrylic Paint Set

Best with Paints Included

This full art set includes 12 brushes of different sizes and shapes and 24 acrylic paint colors, plus a sponge and knife. The colors have rich pigments and excellent coverage, just like real artist paint, and use a non-toxic formula that's safe for kids. They're suitable for a variety of materials and surfaces and allow your child to explore their creativity to the max.

Conda Paint Brushes Set

Best with Organizer Case

This full paintbrush set features 24 different brushes in varied sizes and shapes. They provide excellent paint control and are easy to clean, using a dense but flexible nylon bristle. They fit into slotted sections of a canvas roll that your child can fold up and store in a drawer or bag. They're lightweight and suitable for a variety of paint types, including both acrylic and watercolors.

Artlicious All-Purpose Paintbrushes

Best Mega Pack

This mega pack of brushes includes both bristle and sponge types in a variety of sizes and shapes. The fun colors are kid-friendly, and the lightweight handles are comfortable for your child to hold. The blend uses nylon, camel hair, sponge materials, and the handle's alternating shapes make specific paint tasks easier. Altogether, it's every type of brush your child might need.

Use these acrylic paint brush sets to inspire a life-long love of creation and art. They’re excellent choices for all kinds of painting projects and allow you to get the details you want with acrylic style paints. They’ll last through many uses and are simple to clean. Enable your creativity with these perfect tools.