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Kids having fun making holiday crafts

8 cute holiday crafts for kids that create fond memories for years to come

Holiday crafts for kids are a wonderful way to create treasured keepsakes. Try these cute and easy ideas.
Toddler having fun outside in the snow

5 winter science activities for kids that go beyond baking soda volcanoes

Mom and toddler doing holiday crafts

6 holiday crafts for toddlers that are easy for tiny hands

A parent about to stop a toddler from grabbing a toy

Why toddlers throw things: What to do to stop them from breaking objects and driving you mad

Toddler being spoon-fed breakfast

6 of the best toddler cereals to offer your child that aren’t packed with sugar

Baby in a seat bundled up for winter cold

The best baby winter coats to keep your kids stylishly warm

Toddler walking through the snow

The best toddler winter boots for winter that are protective and parent-approved

Toddler in ballet class

The best toddler dance classes for your 3-year-old

Baby boy in bed with his eyes open

Concerned with baby scratching their nose? This is what it might mean

Feeding sick toddler

Feeding toddlers when sick: What to feed a toddler with a fever

Mother measuring daughter's height against a wall

The ultimate guide to toddler growth spurts so you can track your kid’s progress

Small child sitting on the edge of a bed

Does your toddler have a speech delay? Here’s what to do

Brushing a toddler's hair

Is your toddler’s hair growing slowly? Here are some tips to promote hair growth

Is your toddler's hair growing slowly? These are the best tips for promoting toddler hair growth and incorporating more nutrients for healthy hygiene practices.
Child crying in bed

Why do toddlers wake up crying? A few alarming things might be going on

There are a few reasons why toddlers wake up crying. Let us help you figure out which ones you need to be on the lookout for.
Mom looking in the back seat

Why you and your baby need a car mirror

Don't think you need a baby car mirror for your newborn? Here's why you do.
Baby bundled up in the snow

Cold-weather gear every baby should have

Make sure you have all the essential cold-weather gear babies need for their first winter.
Child with activity table

7 reasons an activity table for kids should be in your home right now

Not sure whether you need an activity table for the kids? We'll help break down why you should have one in your home.
Halloween craft supplies

8 Halloween crafts for preschoolers to do this spooky season

Need some crafty ideas for your little ghouls? These eight Halloween crafts for kids are perfect for your pumpkins to do this season.
Toddler drinking water

How much water should a 1-year-old drink? What you need to know

Here's what you need to know about how much water a toddler should drink.
Girl with glasses holding book

These books will teach your toddler to talk about their feelings

These books will teach your toddler to talk about their feelings

Help young kids understand their emotions with these feeling books for toddlers.
Toddler pulling hair

This one sure signal your toddler feels out of control

If your toddler is pulling their own hair, they may feel out of control in their young life. Here's what to do.
Baby eating pumpkin

Teething baby not eating? 7 simple solutions every concerned parent should try

Is your teething baby not eating normally? We have some tips to turn a cranky, hungry, teething baby into a fed one.
Toddler girl in bed sleeping

Why do toddlers cry in their sleep and how can you help them?

Toddlers crying in their sleep is a normal part of development and can have a variety of different causes, but there are things you can do to help prevent it.
A toddler reaching into a bag of fast food in the car

7 of the best fast-food items for kids you can feel good about grabbing

When on the go, it is possible to keep your kiddos fed guilt-free. We list healthier fast-food options for your toddler or preschooler.
Baby with sweet potatoes

9 amazing sweet potato baby food combinations your child will love

If your baby is getting tired of the same foods, then your child will love these sweet potato baby food combinations.
toddler girl and her dad having fun with music and movement activity

8 best movement and music activities for toddlers: Get them engaged (and tired)

Try these 8 music and movement activities to get toddlers moving.
Toddler girl sleeping with plush bear

What to do when your toddler is coughing in their sleep and won’t stop

Here are remedies to try and red flags to watch out for when your toddler is coughing in their sleep.
Baby in highchair eating avocado puree

7 avocado-based baby food combinations your baby will love

Your little one will love these 7 avocado baby food combos. They're packed with flavor and nutrition and are super easy to prepare.
Toddler with stuffed bear on potty-training seat

The best travel potty seats for toddlers on the go

A travel potty seat is a must-have when toilet training your toddler. Here's your guide to the top toddler travel potty seats.
Small child learning to swim

Is 3 years old too young for swim lessons? Not if you follow our tips

Are you ready for your toddler's swimming lessons to start? Here's our how-to on everything you need to know about your 3-year-old's swim lessons.
A young girl holding peppers up to her eyes

Is your toddler playing with food something you need to put a stop to?

If your toddler playing with food bothers you, here's how to decide if you should let your little one have fun at mealtime or not.
Parents teaching their daughter how to ride a bike with training wheels

When should your child learn how to ride a bike?

What age can a child ride a bike with training wheels? We've got all the important information you need to know, including when to remove the training wheels.
Baby with noise-canceling headphones

Why you need baby earmuffs to protect your child from noise

Some situations can be much too loud for your baby. We discuss when your little one should wear headphones or earmuffs.
A little upset boy pulling at his hair.

Why do toddlers hit themselves? The reason may surprise you

If you are wondering why toddlers hit themselves, we are here to help. Here's the real reason why your toddler gives themselves a hit.

6 fantastic reasons to enroll your child in toddler gymnastics classes today

Here's why you should consider enrolling your child in toddler gymnastics classes
Three kids celebrating a birthday party

Create the ultimate goodie bags for your toddler’s birthday party

Are you throwing a toddler birthday party and looking for goodie bag ideas? Our tips will help create the ultimate goodie bags.
A group of toddlers sitting on the floor.

5 early signs of autism in toddlers to be on the lookout for

Notice some unique quirks in your toddler? If you see any of these 5 early signs of autism, your child could be on the spectrum.
Baby sitting in highchair at table

When is it safe to feed toddlers raisins and other dried fruits?

Do you have to get creative to get your toddler to eat healthy foods? We cover when it's safe to feed toddlers dried fruits so you can add them to their diet.
Baby chewing hand

Baby sucking on their hand? You’ll be surprised what’s behind this behavior

Why is your baby sucking on their hand? Learn what's behind this odd but cute behavior and if you need to worry.
toddler on potty

The 5 best potty-training underwear options you and your toddler will love

Having the right potty-training underwear for your toddler can make a big difference. We list the best ones and a few tips.
Kids running with each other at a party

The best party games for your sports-loving kids

There's a ton of fun to be had at a birthday party for sports-loving kids. We list the best party games that every kid will love.
preschool girl having fun playing soccer

What are the benefits of sports in child development? We break it down

Sports for 3-year-olds are important for their development. Here's why your tot needs to be as active as possible.
baby playing with toys

5 classic toddler toys your child will remember forever

5 classic toddler toys your child will remember forever

The toys your children play with when they’re younger can leave a lasting impression. Here are five classic toddler toys that your child will remember forever.
Two little girls playing at a playground

What you should (and shouldn’t) bring to a playdate

What you should (and shouldn’t) bring to a playdate

Learning playdate etiquette isn’t always easy. We list which items you will want to keep close at hand and others to leave at home.
Baby with sunscreen on their cheeks

What you need to know to choose the best eczema sunscreen for your baby

What you need to know to choose the best eczema sunscreen for your baby

Trying to find an eczema sunscreen for your little one? Here's what you need to know to keep your baby's sensitive skin protected.
A mom and toddler playing a game in the living room.

How to teach a toddler to be patient (yes, it’s possible!)

How to teach a toddler to be patient (yes, it’s possible!)

Try these 4 activities to teach your toddler about patience.
Mother and daughter talking

How to deal with a lying kid — try these simple techniques

How to deal with a lying kid — try these simple techniques

Sometimes, kids lie — and here are techniques on how to handle it.
child crying in a house by a window

Toddler crying for no reason? Why it’s happening and useful tips to save your sanity

Toddler crying for no reason? Why it’s happening and useful tips to save your sanity

Kids cry when they need attention, but what if you don't know what kind of attention they need? Here's how to handle a toddler who cries for no known reason.
Little girls having cupcakes to celebrate a birthday at day care

Day care birthday party ideas: Celebrate your toddler’s big day in style

Day care birthday party ideas: Celebrate your toddler’s big day in style

Day care facilities have a lot of rules, but you can celebrate your little one's birthday there. We've got day care birthday party ideas to help plan.
A family plays a video game together

These 8 Wii games are the best for your young kids

These 8 Wii games are the best for your young kids

Keeping your kids entertained and active is tough. But these eight age-appropriate games from the Nintendo Wii are great for young kids.