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Smiling boy swimming with pool noodle

Too cold to swim? 9 out-of-water games to play with pool noodles

Pool noodles can be used for a ton of fun games outside of the pool. Our nine fun activities that will be a hit with your family.
Dad using a laptop with his daughter

Experts say this is the best way to introduce kids to the internet

Toddler girl having fun finger painting

5 easy summer crafts for toddlers to do on the weekend

Preschool teacher talking with students at a table.

This is what kids actually learn in kindergarten

Mother reading a book to her daughter

12 inspiring Dr. Seuss quotes your child will love

Kids drawing a mural

Experts agree: 5 benefits of art for your child’s development

Cute kitties popping out of gift boxes for a cat themed birthday party

6 ways to make a cat-themed birthday party unique and tons of fun

Popcorn with sunglasses and movie tickets

The best kids’ movies of 2024: What you should see in theaters next

Standing on a weight scale

What to do when your child is obese

Sister and brother having fun playing with backyard sprinkler

6 fun water games for 8-year-olds when you don’t have a pool

Group of children running in capture the flag in a park

How to play capture the flag: Teach your kids the rules

Pregnant couple cuddling.

What you need to know about throwing a nesting party

Happy toddler boy reading a picture book

9 simple steps that’ll help teach your toddler to read

It may sound difficult, but teaching your child to read is easy and fun with these simple steps that most definitely do not involve flashcards or apps.
Grandpa and grandson laughing at a knock-knock joke

These funny jokes for 6- to 7-year-olds will be a hit with kids

Get the whole family laughing with these jokes that are perfect for the 6- to 7- year olds in your life.
Kids having fun in a pool and wearing sunglasses.

These are the absolute best pool games for kids

If you're looking for fun things to do outside, make a splash this summer with these cool pool games for kids.
A dad playing with his toddler.

5 great activities to teach your toddler to listen

Sometimes, getting your toddler to stop (or even slow down) long enough to listen to you can be a challenge, so here are some things you can do.
Teens at outdoor birthday party

10 stellar summer birthday ideas for your kid

Looking for cool summer birthday party ideas? We've got a fun list of awesome birthday celebration ideas for when school's out for summer.
Niagara Falls Between the United States and Canada

Lesser-known things to do in Niagara Falls that won’t involve crowds or queues

Niagara Falls is the iconic family vacation, but it gets so crowded. Here's what to do to beat the crowds.
Child with umbrella

15 fun rainy day activities for kids you should have in your back pocket when boredom kicks in

Don't let raindrops dampen plans, we've got fun rainy day activities if you want to stay at home or head outside.
Teenagers getting twisted over tongue twisters

There are actually some helpful benefits of tongue twisters for kids

Who doesn't love tongue twisters, but did you know that tongue twisters for kids actually help develop speech and language skills.
A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

10 fun summer activities for kids and parents to do together

Looking for cool stuff to do this summer, then check out these fun summer activities parents and children and even teens can do together.
Kids running with each other at a party.

Get kids active this summer with these excellent running games

Get kids active this summer or any time of year with these fun running games.
Dad reading to his daughter

Classic children’s books you should read to your child

If you're looking for classic children's books to read to your kids, be sure to have these titles in your at-home library.
Child blowing bubbles in a playhouse

How to make homemade bubble solution in 2 easy steps

Using homemade bubble solution is not only a fun way for adults and kids to spend the day, but cheap, too. Learn how to make this easy and affordable solution.
Kids reading outside on a summer day

10 incredible summer activities for kids that they’ll truly love

It doesn't take long for boredom to creep in once school is out, so be prepared with these exciting summer activities for kids.
A child wearing a tie-dye shirt

How to tie-dye shirts without a mess

Tie-dyeing shirts is a fun activity to do with kids. It could be intimidating, but don't let the thought of a mess keep you from giving it a shot.
Woman with slime between fingers

How to get slime out of clothes (and just about everything else)

The trick is to know how to get slime out of clothes, hair, and even the carpet, so you won't mind when your child wants to play with it.
Popcorn with sunglasses and movie tickets

Indulge in nostalgia: 23 90s kids’ movies your own kids will love

If you're looking for family-friendly things to watch with your children, be nostalgic and share these 90s kids' movies with your children.
Brightly colored hopscotch court in a schoolyard

How to play hopscotch (plus 5 great variations)

Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game for kids of all ages, so teach your kiddos how to play hopscotch because it's always fun and gets them moving, too.
Five kids each giving a thumb-up

Heads up, 7 up: What’s the game and how to play it

Learn how to play heads up, 7 up as well as how to play 7 up variations with kids in the classroom, at camp on a rainy day, or at a birthday party.
Kids enjoying eating pizza at a birthday party

9 incredible birthday party food ideas when you’re on a budget

Birthday party food ideas on a budget don't have to be tasteless; we've got a delish menu everyone will love.
Kids playing games outside

The best outdoor games for kids – try these fun, classic activities

Classic activities never go out of style, so get everyone outside and off the devices with these cool outdoor games for kids.
Cake for a baby shower.

What is a baby sprinkle (and how to plan a great one)

No matter if you have one or three kiddos, a baby sprinkle is the way to make sure you have what you need for the newest addition.
Parents with children playing a board game

Liven up family game night with these crowd-pleasing board games

Go old school or try something new — but get everyone excited for a weekly family board game night with these options.
Little boy sitting in front of an aquarium watching the fish

Plan a great family road trip: The best aquariums in the U.S. for kids

If you're planning a road trip for the family, be sure to put the best aquariums in the U.S. on the must-do list.
5-year-old girl celebrating her birthday

12 birthday party ideas for 5-year-olds to have at home

Does hosting a party at your house for your 5-year-old scare you? Then, check out these awesome birthday party ideas at home that are low stress and fun.
Baby shower party favors on a table

10 incredible baby shower food ideas that will wow your guests

If you're hosting and are looking for deliciously delightful baby shower food ideas, we've got simple menu items everyone will gush over.
Baby boy enjoys his smash cake on his birthday

Adorable DIY smash cake recipes for your baby’s first birthday

Smash cakes for baby's first birthday are all the rage, so be sure to include one for your little one's birthday bash with a tasty smash cake recipe.
best frog dissection kit 2024

The best frog dissection kits of 2024

Transform ordinary learning into an interactive, hands-on experience with a frog dissection kit—a STEM project that's both educational and interesting.
A game of tic-tac-toe on a piece of paper

11 fun games kids can play with just pen and paper

If you're trying to get kids to put down the smartphones, try these fun games to play on paper.
Baby shower party favors on a table

6 fantastic baby shower themes for a memorable party

If you're throwing one for yourself or planning one for the mom-to-be, here are fun and fabulous baby shower themes that everyone will enjoy.
at home fertility test 2024

The best at-home fertility tests of 2024

Eager to take control of your reproductive health? Find out how you can accurately determine your fertility status with an at-home fertility test.
Boy is excited for his fourth birthday

4-year-old birthday party ideas: 7 low-stress themes your child will love

Plan an amazing celebration for your preschooler with these super fun 4-year-old birthday party ideas that are simple and low stress.
best gifts for 7 years old

The best gifts for 7-year-olds in 2024

Are you stumped about what to get your 7-year-old this year? Fear not – we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for 7-year-olds available in 2024.
best outdoor activity for kid

The best outdoor activities for kids in 2024

Check out our review of the best outdoor activities for kids that are sure to have them playing outside this summer. We have artsy options, STEM toys and more!
Kids playing games outside

Healthy extracurricular activities kids and teens should explore

We want our kids to have hobbies that challenge them. That means getting them involved in healthier extracurricular activities, and we can help with that.
best glow in the dark rock painting kit

The best glow-in-the-dark rock painting kits of 2024

Trying to find a glow-in-the-dark rock painting kit for your next creative project? Read our guide to discover the best options of 2024.
best geodes science kit

The best geode science kits of 2024

Spark curiosity and fuel learning with the best geode science kits of 2024. These picks will engage interest in the fascinating world of geology.
best glowing marble run

The best glowing marble runs of 2024

Check out the best glowing marble runs in 2024 to turn a simple game into a mesmerizing light show. Don't just play, glow with these top picks.
best rock collection kit

The best rock collection kits in 2024

Explore geology with the best rock collection kits of 2024. Each of these picks offers fun and learning at a great value.