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Mom and daughter making homemade Christmas ornaments

Christmas charities where families can volunteer together to give back

Want to spread the cheer this holiday season? There are so many Christmas charities where families can volunteer together, and we have four of the best.
Mom-and daughter making Christmas ornaments

8 easy homemade Christmas ornaments kids can make and hang on the tree

A family posing in matching Christmas outfitss.

6 adorable family Christmas outfit ideas for your holiday photo

Kids having fun making holiday crafts

8 cute holiday crafts for kids that create fond memories for years to come

Toddler having fun outside in the snow

5 winter science activities for kids that go beyond baking soda volcanoes

A group of children running across the snow carrying sleds

Follow these kid sledding safety tips if they plan on going out this winter

Mom and toddler doing holiday crafts

6 holiday crafts for toddlers that are easy for tiny hands

Kwanzaa holiday table setting

Immerse your kids in culture by teaching them about holidays around the world

Adorable felt snowman craft

5 winter crafts for kids to make when they’re bored and stuck indoors

Family cooking together in the kitchen

5 easy Thanksgiving sides kids can help make for this year’s feast

Kids enjoying snow as an outdoor activity

The best winter activities for kids you probably haven’t thought of

Festive celebration roasted turkey with gravy for Thanksgiving or Christmas

3 simple centerpiece ideas your kids can make for the Thanksgiving dinner table

Baby in a seat bundled up for winter cold

The best baby winter coats to keep your kids stylishly warm

Want to keep your little one warm yet still stylish this winter? We have the best baby winter coats with the perfect blend of fashion and function.
Thankful fall background

5 fun, creative, and easy Thanksgiving crafts kids can make this holiday

Deck the halls this November with DIY Thanksgiving decorations and easy crafts for the kids to make.
Little girl with a hula hoop and weights

8 indoor exercise ideas to keep kids from getting bored and bouncing off the walls this winter

Trying to figure out how to keep kids active during the winter? Try these eight fun activities that include plenty of movement.
Cake for a baby shower

9 inexpensive baby shower favors people will actually like

Need inexpensive baby shower favor ideas guests will actually like and use? We've got 9 baby shower party favors that won't break the bank.
Toddler in ballet class

The best toddler dance classes for your 3-year-old

Here are some of the best dance classes for toddlers that you can consider enrolling your 3-year-old in.
Child and parents playing hide-and-seek in their living room

Indoor activities during the rain to keep kids busy and happy

Don't worry about keeping your kids occupied on a rainy day. Check out some of our ideas for fun and entertaining indoor play.
Smiling baby on colorful play mat

Baby play mat ins and outs: What age you should get one and the benefits for baby’s development

A baby play mat promotes your baby's motor skills and muscle development. We discuss the best age to get one and any additional benefits for your baby.
Woman with slime between fingers

How to get slime out of clothes (and just about everything else)

Here's how you can safely and easily remove slime from just about everything, including clothes.
Kids enjoying eating pizza at a birthday party

9 incredible birthday party food ideas when you’re on a budget

These 9 birthday party food ideas on a budget will be a huge hit with kids of all ages.
Family of four dressed in Halloween costumes

The best Halloween costumes for a family of 4 that are simple to find or create

There are many groupcostume ideas that will get the whole family in the spooky spirit. Check out some of the best for your family of four.
Kids playing in the leaves at a park in the fall

7 fun fall homeschool activities

Feeling stuck and can't come up with fun homeschool plans? Here are seven fall homeschool activities to do with your kids this season.
Child with activity table

7 reasons an activity table for kids should be in your home right now

Not sure whether you need an activity table for the kids? We'll help break down why you should have one in your home.
Group of kids playing improv game outside

Noncompetitive games every child will love

Looking for fun, noncompetitive games for kids? Here you'll find loads of enjoyable games for kids where everyone is a winner.
Happy pregnant mom wearing a maternity witch costume for Halloween

7 best pregnant Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank

These best pregnant Halloween costumes are under $40 and will show off your adorable baby bump.
Adult teaching child to swim in a pool

5 methods for teaching kids to swim

No parent wants their child to fear the water. We've gathered the top five methods for teaching kids to swim so they can be happy and confident in the water.
A group of kids ready for Halloween

Need Halloween crafts for 10-year-olds to do? Here are 9 spookingly great ideas

Need to get creative this spooky season? These nine Halloween crafts for 10-year-olds will be sure to keep all of the ghouls entertained.
Boy in leaves

9 fun fall activities the whole family will enjoy

These 10 fall activities are fun for the entire family.
Family Halloween

The best Halloween costumes for a family of 5

Is your family of five invited to a Halloween party but you're all out of costume ideas? Check out some of our suggestions.
Halloween craft supplies

8 Halloween crafts for preschoolers to do this spooky season

Need some crafty ideas for your little ghouls? These eight Halloween crafts for kids are perfect for your pumpkins to do this season.
Family of three celebrating Halloween

The best Halloween costumes for a family of 3

The best Halloween costumes for a family of 3

Dressing up for Halloween is more fun is with your family of three. We have compiled a bunch of cute, creative, and crazy costume ideas.
Boy dressed as a rock star for Halloween

Costume ideas for kids who don’t know what to be for Halloween and are reluctant to dress up

Costume ideas for kids who don’t know what to be for Halloween and are reluctant to dress up

Halloween doesn’t have to be too complicated or elaborate. Our list shows how your child can pick out a great costume that's sure to be fun.
Youology: A Puberty Guide for Every Body

Looking for a puberty book for your tween that’s gender-inclusive? We’ve got 4

These puberty books are inclusive of LGBTQ and gender topics and language.
Girl with glasses holding book

These books will teach your toddler to talk about their feelings

These books will teach your toddler to talk about their feelings

Help young kids understand their emotions with these feeling books for toddlers.
teen girls arguing with her mom about homework

Doing homework doesn’t have to be a chore: 5 ways parents can help their kids

Homework assignments do have to be completed and do have a purpose. So, how can you stop the homework drama after school?
A family enjoying lying in the leaves

10 fun fall bucket list activities to do with kids

10 fun fall bucket list activities to do with kids

Need help thinking of ways to make autumn more fun? Here are 10 fall bucket list activities that parents should do with their children this season.
A family having fun in a pumpkin patch

When to buy your pumpkins for Halloween: Tips for buying pumpkins before they run out

When to buy your pumpkins for Halloween: Tips for buying pumpkins before they run out

Halloween jack-o'-lanterns make the holiday better, but when should you hit the pumpkin patch? And how long will your pumpkin last?
Kind Like Marsha and Pride books

7 stellar picture books about LGBTQ+ history to help educate your kids

LGBTQ+ history is easy to share with kids in age-appropriate ways with these picture books.
View from a scenic railroad fall foliage ride

Ride the rails this fall to see autumn’s colors

Take a train ride on a scenic railroad to see fall foliage this autumn.
Kids playing In leaves

6 fun outdoor games kids can play this fall

6 fun outdoor games kids can play this fall

These six outdoor games are fun for kids to play in the fall.
Young boy at beach with balloons sitting with a birthday cake

How to host a 6-year-old’s birthday party on a budget

Don't break the bank to throw your 6-year-old a birthday party. Check out these money-saving tips for a celebration on a budget.
A game of tic-tac-toe on a piece of paper

7 fun games kids can play with just pen and paper

Keep your kids occupied when boredom hits or while waiting with just a pen and paper. With these classic games to play on paper, kids don't even need a device.
Boy is excited for his fourth birthday

4-year-old birthday party ideas: 7 low-stress themes your child will love

From decor to activities, any preschooler will love these 4-year-old birthday party ideas.
Pre-teen girl smiling, holding birthday present

12 amazing tween birthday party ideas your kid (and their friends) will actually think are cool

Planning a birthday celebration for a pre-teen can be tough, but not with these 12 fun tween birthday party ideas.
toddler girl and her dad having fun with music and movement activity

8 best movement and music activities for toddlers: Get them engaged (and tired)

Try these 8 music and movement activities to get toddlers moving.
Child In football gear

7 fun ways to entertain kids during the Super Bowl so you can enjoy the game

If your child isn’t a fan of football, you can still keep them entertained during the Super Bowl. We have seven great activities.
Toddler with stuffed bear on potty-training seat

The best travel potty seats for toddlers on the go

A travel potty seat is a must-have when toilet training your toddler. Here's your guide to the top toddler travel potty seats.
Small child learning to swim

Is 3 years old too young for swim lessons? Not if you follow our tips

Are you ready for your toddler's swimming lessons to start? Here's our how-to on everything you need to know about your 3-year-old's swim lessons.
Girl playing with hula hoop in the backyard

10 fun games kids (and adults) can play with a hula hoop

There are many ways to have fun with a hula hoop. Our list of 10 hula hoop games is sure to be a hit with kids and parents.