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Pregnancy and Maternity

Couple sitting in the nursery

Baby registry must-haves: This is everything that should be on your list

Here are all the baby registry must-haves, so you will have all the items you'll need when you welcome your newest family member.
A cluster of different baby bottles in a bowl.

Glass vs. plastic baby bottles: Here’s what doctors have to say

Cake for a baby shower.

What is a baby sprinkle (and how to plan a great one)

A pregnant woman holding her belly in a bathroom

What it means if you lose weight during pregnancy – and when to worry

Baby boy wearing a blue knitted cap

The top cowboy and Western baby names that are riding high

Pregnant woman not feeling well

These foods that fight nausea during pregnancy are lifesavers

Woman laying down with headache

Is it common to have pregnancy second trimester headaches?

A pregnant woman holding a laptop in her lap while holding her belly

How do you determine fetal weight? Use an estimated fetal weight calculator

A couple with their hands over pregnant belly.

We love these creative maternity photoshoot ideas

Pregnant woman planning for baby.

What is nesting? Everything you need to know about this totally normal behavior

Pregnant woman using contraction timer app

Is Unisom safe during pregnancy? Here’s what the experts say

Getting a manicure

Can you get a manicure while pregnant? These are the factors to consider

Baby shower party favors on a table

10 incredible baby shower food ideas that will wow your guests

If you're hosting and are looking for deliciously delightful baby shower food ideas, we've got simple menu items everyone will gush over.
breast pump with bottle

The best breast pumps for new moms to prepare meals in advance

Setting a breastfeeding cycle with babies is an accomplishment for new moms. That is why having the best breast pump is critical in your motherhood journey.
Cooked salmon on a plate

Can pregnant women eat salmon? It depends on these factors

Can you eat salmon while pregnant? Here's what you need to know.
Baby shower party favors on a table

6 fantastic baby shower themes for a memorable party

If you're throwing one for yourself or planning one for the mom-to-be, here are fun and fabulous baby shower themes that everyone will enjoy.
A pregnant woman blowing her nose with a cold.

10 incredible home remedies for colds during pregnancy that actually work

Looking for home remedies for colds during pregnancy that work? From chicken soup to coconut oil, we have the remedies that are safe and effective.
Baby girl with a "hello my name sign is" on her onesie

10 incredible, memorable one-syllable girl names

One-syllable girl names are perfect for parents who are looking for something clean, classic, and simple. Here are 10 memorable names for inspiration.
Pregnant woman on a computer

The baby registry: Pros and cons of this popular practice

Here are pros and cons of a getting all set up for your new addition by using a baby registry.
Pregnant woman on couch experiencing cramps

Having pregnancy cramping at 19 weeks? We can help you deal with it

When you have 19 weeks pregnancy cramps, it can be quite uncomfortable. What causes them, what can you do to relieve them, and when should you worry?
Cute baby girl surrounded by possible names

6 cute girl names to consider for your baby in 2024

Choosing a name for your baby girl doesn't have to be difficult. Let us help inspire you with these six baby name suggestions for your little one.
Pregnant woman on a bed

Can pregnant women eat shrimp? What you need to know

Certain foods can be off limits during pregnancy, but shrimp is generally considered safe to eat as long as you follow some very important guidelines.
Pregnant mom on the couch looking at a thermometer

Do these 5 things immediately when you have a fever during pregnancy

Do you have a fever during pregnancy? What medicine can pregnant women take for fevers? All of your questions answered.
Post partum belly

Diastasis recti: What it is, how you get it, and how to get rid of it

Learn everything you need to know about diastasis recti including what it is, who it impacts, symptoms, and how to prevent it.
Pregnant woman feeling her baby kick

6 essential first-time pregnancy tips every new mom should know

Every new mom should know these 6 essential first-time pregnancy tips.
Woman wearing compression socks

Why compression socks during pregnancy are a great idea (and the best ones to get)

Compression socks for pregnancy provide comfort as long as you choose the right size and wear them correctly. Here are some of our favorites.
Cupcakes with blue and pink frosting

Want a surprise gender reveal? Here are some ideas

If you want to throw a celebration to announce your new addition, try these unique gender reveal party ideas.
Pregnant woman not feeling well

When does morning sickness start? All your questions answered

When does morning sickness start? Is it constant? How bad does it get? Here's some help about the part of growing a baby that makes you sick to your stomach.
Pregnant woman drinking juice.

How to tell if excessive thirst during pregnancy is normal or cause for concern

Feel like a camel storing water? Know if that excessive thirst during pregnancy is just another symptom you get to deal with.
A dad reading to baby in mom's belly.

The best books for expecting dads that every first-time father should read

All fathers need to know what to expect when their partner is pregnant. Put these best books for expecting dads on your reading list to know what's coming.
Post partum belly

Are you feeling your baby’s movement in your lower abdomen? Here’s what might be happening

Throughout your pregnancy, you might wonder, “Why do I feel my baby's movement in my lower abdomen?” We explain why and what exactly is going on.
A newborn baby in their bassinet.

You won’t believe what the most popular nicknames for baby boys are

It can be hard to come up with cute nicknames for baby boy, so here's a list to help you find one to suit your little guy.
Baby shower favors

9 inexpensive baby shower favors people will actually like

On the hunt for baby shower favors that won't break the bank? We've got baby shower favor ideas that are thoughtful and useful.
Drinking wine while pregnant

Real talk: How much wine can you safely drink while pregnant? (We’re surprised)

Real talk: How much wine can you really drink during your pregnancy? We'll provide you with some information to make an informed decision.
Pregnant woman making eggs.

8 super easy, healthy breakfasts for pregnant women you can make in 15 minutes

Ideas for breakfast for pregnant women don't have to be bland and tasteless. We have delicious options that won't take all morning to make.
Mom breastfeeding newborn in bed

10 foods to avoid while breastfeeding (and some good, nutritious ones that help prevent colic)

Now that you've made the decision to breastfeed, learn what foods to avoid while breastfeeding and what to be sure to include in your diet.
Mother with newborn

Should you wear a postpartum belt after your C-section?

When is the right time to wear a postpartum belt after your C-section? We discuss it here.
Mom breastfeeding baby on bed.

5 effective tips for dealing with post-weaning depression

If you're feeling depressed post weaning, here's what might be going on.
A baby playing with the mobile above their crib.

One of these cool science baby names options will be perfect for your future scientist

Whether you love nature, innovation, or space, there are a ton of options for science baby names, and we have a list of the best ones for your little one.
Woman sitting on couch and looking at a pregnancy test

What are the signs of implantation?

Signs of implantation of a pregnancy include implantation bleeding and implantation cramping. Find out what other implantation symptoms may occur.
An ultrasound on a screen

What to expect at every ultrasound and how many you may have

You'll have a few ultrasounds during pregnancy. Here's what to expect at the 8-week ultrasound and every one after, plus why you may need more.
Pregnant woman relaxing on a couch with her laptop

8 best podcasts for new moms who have dozens of questions

These are the eight best podcasts for new moms to listen to. Check out these great programs that cover all topics from pregnancy to parenting.
Standing pregnant woman in belly band

The pros and cons of wearing a postpartum belly wrap

Pregnancy changes you, both mentally and physically. A postpartum belly wrap can help get your body back in shape. Here are the pros and cons of wearing one.
Pregnant woman using heating pad hot water bottle

Is it safe to use a heating pad while pregnant?

Here's everything you need to know about whether it's safe to use a heating pad while pregnant.
Pregnant woman feeling her baby kick

What the location of your baby’s kick means and how it changes with each trimester

Is your baby kicking your bladder or turning flips? Here's when you should worry — and when you should relax.
White nursery

The ultimate nursery checklist of everything you need (and nothing you don’t)

This nursery checklist will spell out exactly what you need before baby arrives and what's OK to skip.
Man listening for baby.

These cute nicknames for your unborn baby will help you bond during pregnancy

Looking for an adorable nickname for your unborn baby? Check out these darling suggestions.
A couple holding a gender reveal balloon

Can these methods really help predict your baby’s gender? Get the scoop here

Can these gender reveal methods really predict the gender of your baby? Here's what to know about them.
A woman smiling into the camera

A missed period doesn’t automatically mean you’re pregnant, but here’s what could be going on

Have a missed period but not pregnant? Before you panic and do the math, see if any of these other reasons could be the cause for your irregular flow.
Pregnant woman packing a hospital bag.

Hospital bag checklist: What to pack for your labor and delivery stay

Here's everything you need to pack for your labor and delivery hospital stay.