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Pregnancy and Maternity

Pregnant woman relaxing on a couch with her laptop

8 best podcasts for new moms who have dozens of questions

These are the eight best podcasts for new moms to listen to. Check out these great programs that cover all topics from pregnancy to parenting.
A pregnant woman holding her belly in a bathroom

What it means if you lose weight during pregnancy — and when to worry

Standing pregnant woman in belly band

The pros and cons of wearing a postpartum belly wrap

Pregnant woman using heating pad hot water bottle

Is it safe to use a heating pad while pregnant?

Mom breastfeeding baby on bed.

5 effective tips for dealing with post-weaning depression

Pregnant woman feeling her baby kick

What the location of your baby’s kick means and how it changes with each trimester

White nursery

The ultimate nursery checklist of everything you need (and nothing you don’t)

A pregnant woman blowing her nose with a cold.

9 incredible home remedies for colds during pregnancy that actually work

A cluster of different baby bottles in a bowl

Glass vs. plastic baby bottles: Here’s what doctors have to say

Pregnant woman on couch experiencing cramps

Having pregnancy cramping at 19 weeks? We can help you deal with it

Man listening for baby.

These cute nicknames for your unborn baby will help you bond during pregnancy

A pregnant woman holding a laptop in her lap while holding her belly.

How do you determine fetal weight? Use an estimated fetal weight calculator

Getting a manicure

Can you get your nails done while pregnant? These are the factors to consider

Here's what you need to know about getting your nails done during pregnancy. Find out which chemicals are hazardous and which brands are safe.
Pregnant mom on the couch looking at a thermometer

Do these 5 things immediately when you have a fever during pregnancy

Do you have a fever during pregnancy? What medicine can pregnant women take for fevers? All of your questions answered.
Pregnant woman making eggs

7 super-easy healthy breakfasts for pregnant women you can make in 15 minutes

Here are seven healthy breakfast ideas for pregnant women that moms-to-be will enjoy. Try these simple, 15-minute recipes for a nutritious start.
Baby shower favors

9 inexpensive baby shower favors people will actually like

Looking for inexpensive baby shower favors that guests will enjoy and not throw away? We've got budget-friendly ideas that your guests will love.
Mom breastfeeding newborn in bed

10 foods to avoid while breastfeeding (and some good, nutritious ones that help prevent colic)

Now that you've made the decision to breastfeed, learn what foods to avoid while breastfeeding and what to be sure to include in your diet.
Drinking wine while pregnant

Real talk: How much wine can you safely drink while pregnant? (We’re surprised)

Real talk: How much wine can you really drink during your pregnancy? We'll provide you with some information to make an informed decision.
Mother with newborn

Should you wear a postpartum belt after your C-section?

When is the right time to wear a postpartum belt after your C-section? We discuss it here.
Pregnant woman drinking juice.

How to tell if excessive thirst during pregnancy is normal or cause for concern

Feel like a camel storing water? Know if that excessive thirst during pregnancy is just another symptom you get to deal with.
A newborn baby in their bassinet.

You won’t believe what the most popular nicknames for baby boys are

Wondering what the best nicknames for baby boys are? Here are the most popular ones from every theme you could think of to call your little guy.
A dad reading to baby in mom's belly

5 best books for expecting dads that every first-time father should read

Dads need to know what to expect when their partner is pregnant. Put these best books for expecting dads on your reading list.
Pregnant mom holding belly

Are you feeling your baby’s movement in your lower abdomen? Here’s what might be happening

Throughout your pregnancy, you might wonder, “Why do I feel my baby's movement in my lower abdomen?” We explain why and what exactly is going on.
A couple holding a gender reveal balloon

Can these methods really help predict your baby’s gender? Get the scoop here

Can these gender reveal methods really predict the gender of your baby? Here's what to know about them.
A woman smiling into the camera

A missed period doesn’t automatically mean you’re pregnant, but here’s what could be going on

Have a missed period but not pregnant? Before you panic and do the math, see if any of these other reasons could be the cause for your irregular flow.
Pregnant woman packing a hospital bag

Hospital bag checklist: What to pack for your labor and delivery stay

Here's everything you need to pack for your labor and delivery hospital stay.
Getting ready for an outside birthday party

What is the most common birthday month? The holidays play a key factor

The most common birthday dates that will keep you baking treats and running from party to party is at the start of the school year for a reason.
Pregnant woman sleeping on her side

A new study says pregnant women should do this before bed

A new study shows that dimming lights before bed can help reduce the risk of gestational diabetes.
An ultrasound on a screen

What to expect at every ultrasound and how many you may have

You'll have a few ultrasounds during pregnancy. Here's what to expect at the 8-week ultrasound and every one after, plus why you may need more.
Produce, sugar, and diabetes monitoring equipment on a blue overlay

You failed your 1-hour glucose test – now what?

You failed your 1-hour pregnancy glucose test, and you're upset. Breathe. Here's what will likely happen next based on your blood sugar levels.
A menstrual pad being held on a pink background

What is implantation bleeding like? Facts you should know about when and why this happens

Implantation bleeding vs. period bleeding is different in terms of flow and timing. Can implantation bleeding be heavy? We've got the answer.
A woman doing stretches at home

These are the diastasis recti exercises to help repair your stomach

We have diastasis recti exercises to help put your stomach back together if you develop the condition during pregnancy.
Woman in yellow dress holding 3D sonogram pregnancy announcement

3D ultrasounds are trending: Should you get one?

Should you get a keepsake 3D sonogram? What if one is medically indicated? Here's what to know about these types of scans.
Woman suffering from postpartum depression

Moms with depression may be hurting their child’s development, study shows

Mothers who are suffering from depression may unknowingly be impacting their child's development.
A woman having cramps

What is implantation cramping like? Find out if what you’re feeling is early pregnancy symptoms

Implantation cramping can happen when an embryo implants into the uterine lining at the beginning of pregnancy. But what do implantation cramps feel like?
Pregnant woman on a beach

Best babymoon ideas for any budget – ways to spend time together before the big arrival

The baby will be here before you know it, so now is the time to whisk yourselves away and enjoy some one-on-one time before your world turns upside down.
Woman sitting on couch and looking at a pregnancy test

What are the signs of implantation?

Signs of implantation of a pregnancy include implantation bleeding and implantation cramping. Find out what other implantation symptoms may occur.
A woman undergoing an ultrasound

Going through the IVF process? Here’s what to expect

The IVF process can feel overwhelming. Here's what you can expect, including the IVF success rate and whether you'll experience physical pain.
Pregnant married woman standing in a floral gown

5 things you should never say to a pregnant woman

These questions can be very awkward to ask pregnant women who may already be uncomfortable with then new attention. Here's why.
Doctor examining a pregnant woman

Call your doctor immediately if you have any of these third-trimester problems

You should be concerned about these third-trimester pregnancy issues.
Baby bump wrapped up like a Christmas present

7 charming ideas for a Christmas pregnancy announcement

Need holly jolly Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas for this holiday season? Unwrap these cute suggestions.
Ovulation testing strip kit

5 ways to detect ovulation at home naturally

If you're trying to conceive, here are five ways to detect ovulation naturally at home.
Baby shower banner

Baby shower icebreakers for every type of party

No matter the party, icebreakers are important. We list some classic and creative ideas for the best baby shower icebreakers.
Mom breastfeeding baby

Can you take cold medicine while nursing? What you need to know about what to avoid

Is it OK to take cold medicine while nursing? We discuss what's the best remedy for you and safe for your baby.
Happy pregnant mom wearing a maternity witch costume for Halloween

7 best pregnant Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank

These best pregnant Halloween costumes are under $40 and will show off your adorable baby bump.
Pregnant woman not feeling well

What are some COVID-19 symptoms during the second trimester of pregnancy?

If you get COVID in your second trimester, watch for these symptoms.
A sleeping baby with a video monitor

Our picks: Great 2-camera baby monitor systems to buy right now

A good video baby monitor is a must-have for new parents. We'll show you three of the best 2-camera baby monitor options out there.
Pregnant woman not feeling well

8 natural remedies for nausea to ease morning sickness during pregnancy

Is morning sickness getting you down? Try these eight natural remedies for nausea for relief during pregnancy.
Pregnant woman timing contractions

These are the best contraction timers to track the stages of labor

Learn how contraction timers can help you during labor and check out these best timers.
A baby laying on a chalk drawing of outer space.

One of these cool science baby names options will be perfect for your future scientist

Looking to find a unique baby name with a science twist? We have the science baby name options for your future experimenter.