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A family playing a game together.

The 4 main different parenting styles, explained

Know the difference between the main parenting styles to make it through those first 18 years or so of raising a child.
Parent working while child jumps on couch beside her.

Experts say this is how to discipline a kid who doesn’t care about consequences

Teenage girl holding baby sibling

7 signs of parentification: The behavior all parents need to avoid

Boy is excited for his fourth birthday

4-year-old birthday party ideas: 7 low-stress themes your child will love

Kids playing games outside

Healthy extracurricular activities kids and teens should explore

Mother and daughter talking.

Make co-parenting easier: How to survive and thrive as a couple with a small child

Smiling boy going to a sports party with bat and glove

The best baseball movies for kids (parents will love them, too)

Frustrated mom in need of nanny

What is a nanny? How to hire the right nanny for your needs

Three kids reading a book inside of a blanket fort

How to build a blanket fort for epic indoor adventures

5-year-old girl celebrating her birthday

Need a fantastic theme for a fifth birthday party? Consider these

Mother and daughter talking.

What age should children start wearing deodorant?

Cupcakes with blue and pink frosting

Want a surprise gender reveal? Here are some ideas

Kids having fun at a bowling alley party

How to throw the perfect kids’ bowling birthday party

A bowling birthday party is a perfect strike for kids of all ages and here's everything you need to plan one.
Two kids washing dishes

12 life skills kids need to know before high school

Don't wait until college is right around the corner to teach your kids these 12 important life skills.
Two children are making a snack in the kitchen

We love these easy, healthy snacks for kids

Kids love to snack but they don't always choose the healthiest options. We've got some easy and healthy snacks for kids that won't break the bank.
A child and parent on the floor talking

How to avoid raising a spoiled child (and 3 warning signs to look out for)

If you want to raise a kid that wouldn't be the first to go in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, we have ways to stop a spoiled child from hatching in your home.
New Year's resolutions written on a notebook.

This is the most important New Year’s resolution parents need to make

Here is the most crucial New Year's resolution parents should make this year — and really follow through with keeping.
A person making a list of New Year's resolutions

5 New Year’s resolution ideas for kids that promote healthy habits

Start the year off on a positive note with kids' New Year's resolutions that promote healthier habits.
A surprised Santa against a red wall.

When kids believing in Santa come to an end: At what age and why they stop

When the magic of kids believing in Santa looks like it's about to disappear, here's how to handle it.
Toddler girl having a night terror

Why do toddlers wake up crying? A few alarming things might be going on

There are a few reasons why toddler wakes up crying. Let us help you figure out which ones you need to be on the lookout for.
A surprised Santa against a red wall.

Is it OK to lie to your children about Santa Claus? Here’s what experts say

Learn what experts say about lying to kids about Santa Claus.
Family decorating tree

How many presents should your child get for Christmas? Here are some insights

Celebrating Christmas doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. We offer hints in determining how many gifts to give your children.
Colorfully wrapped Christmas gifts.

What do those tweens want for Christmas? Holiday gifts for tweens they’ll flip for

These holiday gifts for tweens are sure to be met with smiles on Christmas morning.
Mom-and daughter making Christmas ornaments

8 easy homemade Christmas ornaments kids can make and hang on the tree

Make family memories to last for decades by creating homemade Christmas ornaments with the kids.
Child eating pizza out of pizza box

How to stop food obsession in children

Can a toddler be obsessed with food? Learn the signs of food obsession and how to prevent them before it turns into an eating disorder.
A baby on their stomach holding themselves up.

Concerned about head-shaking child behavior? Here’s what you need to know

Ease your mind with information about if head shaking child behavior is normal — if you should be concerned, what causes head shaking, and what to do about it.
Child chewing on his shirt collar.

Is your 4-year-old chewing on their shirt symptomatic of something wrong? What you need to know

Why is your child chewing on their shirt? Figure out what's going on and why your little one wants to know how their clothing tastes.
Young boy at the beach with balloons sitting with a birthday cake.

How to come up with a few 6-year-old birthday party ideas on a budget

Looking to throw an inexpensive celebration, try these cost-effective six-year-old birthday party ideas that don't skimp on fun.
A mother taking her baby's hands out of their mouth.

Baby sucking on their hand? You’ll be surprised what’s behind this behavior

Why is baby sucking on their hand? Let's find out why your precious peanut won't keep their hand out of their mouth and if you should try to break their habit.
two kids playing on phones

Kid-friendly YouTubers your child will be safe watching

If your kid has a laptop or tablet, they have been on YouTube. We provide a list of YouTubers that are safe for them to watch.
Girl jumping on indoor trampoline

Indoor children’s trampolines: Good idea, or accident waiting to happen?

Kids are going to jump, and an indoor trampoline sounds better than jumping on the bed. Are indoor trampolines safe though? Here are the pros and cons.
Blond child playing fortnite

Is Fortnite good for kids? Experts definitely have opinions

Is my child old enough to play Fortnite? Experts weigh in on if Fortnite is good for kids to play, and at what age is best to let them start.
A group of young children at an activity table.

Is middle child syndrome really a thing? We’ll shed some light on this concept

Whether you have more than two children or are a middle child yourself, we have information about middle child syndrome that may shed light on the situation.
A teenager lies on her bed looking at her phone

Cell phone addiction and young kids: Your child is likely at risk

What happens when kids become addicted to their phones? Learn the signs and risks cell phones pose to kids.
Tooth smile with missing tooth

How much does the tooth fairy pay? The answer may shock you

The amount that the tooth fairy pays per tooth increases every year. Find out how much she gives on average nationally and how it varies by region.
ghost looming over child's bed

Can children see and talk to ghosts? Here’s what the experts say

We asked psychologists if parents should be scared that their children report seeing ghosts. Here's what they said.
A group of kids ready for Halloween.

Need a Halloween craft for 10-year-olds? Here are spookingly great ideas

Want to keep your goblins busy this spooky season? These Halloween crafts for 10-year-olds will be sure to keep all of the ghosts and ghouls entertained.
Family of four dressed in Halloween costumes.

The best Halloween costumes for a family of 4 that are simple to find or create

Check out this list of the best and most fun Halloween costumes for a family of four that will make your crew the neighborhood celebrities on All Hallows' Eve.
Kids playing outside In leaves.

7 fun outdoor fall games kids can play

Kids love to be outside, especially if there is something to do. If you need outdoor fall games for your kids to play, check out these creative ideas.
Smiling child with birthday cake

How to host an 8-year-old’s birthday party on a budget

Throw your child a wonderful 8th birthday party while being affordable, easy, and manageable. Both of you will be happy with our tips.
Little girl about to throw a bowl on the kitchen floor.

Why toddlers throw things: What to do to stop them from breaking objects and driving you mad

Does your toddler have a great pitching arm? Find out why toddlers throw things, plus learn a few handy tips for redirecting this behavior.
Kids running with each other at a party.

The best party games for your sports-loving kids

If you're hosting a sports themed birthday party, we've got the best sport party games that score every time.
toddler boys playing a party game

6 early signs of autism in toddlers to be on the lookout for

Most things a toddler does is adorable, but could some of those quirky behaviors be early signs of autism?
Two siblings lying on the floor watching tv together.

Are your kids watching TV too much? The screen time guide every parent needs

Are your kids watching TV too much? We'll help you keep an eye on screen time, so you'll know when to turn the TV off.
A person checking their Apple watch.

Should your kids have an Apple Watch?

Should your kid sport a device designed for adults? Let's see if a kids Apple Watch should be a thing, or if it's a device they shouldn't be left alone with.
Kids playing games in a pool.

No pool toys? No problem! 7 safe, fun games to play in the pool for 8-year-olds

Don't worry if you don't have a stock of pool noodles, beach balls, and floaties. There are plenty of cool games to play in the pool without needing toys.
Parent and child practicing speech

Why children have trouble making the ‘R’ sound, and when to call a therapist

Here's when to call a speech therapist for your child's speech impediment.
Mother and daughter playing with makeup

How old do you have to be to wear makeup? What every parent needs to know about this rite of passage

As a parent, you're wondering: How old do you have to be to wear makeup? Take a look at our helpful parenting tips as a guide for how to talk to your child.
Teenage girl jogging

These weight loss tips for teenagers really work and are good for their self-esteem

Does your teen want to get in shape and build confidence? We have specific weight loss plans for teenagers tailored just for their needs.
Parents teaching their daughter how to ride a bike with training wheels.

When should your child learn how to ride a bike?

What age can a child ride a bike with training wheels? We've got all the important information you need to know, including when to remove the training wheels.