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Child painting at an art-themed painting party

Spark your child’s creativity with these incredible art projects for kids

Kick the boredom and ignite creativity with these fun and easy art projects for kids.
Kids running with each other at a party.

Get kids active this summer with these excellent running games

Dad reading to his daughter

Classic children’s books you should read to your child

Roblox app on a cell phone.

Is Roblox safe for kids? You need to take these precautions

Adorable kitten sleeping on a bed

The best small pets for kids (that they can actually handle)

Baby with peanut butter on their face

Food allergies in kids: What are the symptoms?

Child blowing bubbles in a playhouse

How to make homemade bubble solution in 2 easy steps

Kids reading outside on a summer day

10 incredible summer activities for kids that they’ll truly love

Parents teaching their daughter how to ride a bike with training wheels

Why positive reinforcement needs to be in your parenting toolkit

Popcorn with sunglasses and movie tickets

Indulge in nostalgia: 23 90s kids’ movies your own kids will love

A crying toddler holding an ice cream cone

How to help a crying child: Our top tips for sensitive kids

A child eating her school lunch

7 kids’ school lunch ideas you can put together in no time

Young girl is screaming with fingers in her ears.

Is your kid screaming for no reason? Here are ways to deal with a screaming child’s behavior

When your kid won't stop screaming, it makes you want to scream. Dealing with a screaming child's behavior is one of the least favorite things for a parent.
Brightly colored hopscotch court in a schoolyard

How to play hopscotch (plus 5 great variations)

Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game for kids of all ages, so teach your kiddos how to play hopscotch because it's always fun and gets them moving, too.
Blank journal page with flowers

25 creative journal prompts for kids

If you're trying to get your children into journaling, try these fun and thought-provoking journal prompts for kids to get those writing juices flowing.
Five kids each giving a thumb-up

Heads up, 7 up: What’s the game and how to play it

Learn how to play heads up, 7 up as well as how to play 7 up variations with kids in the classroom, at camp on a rainy day, or at a birthday party.
Kids playing games outside

The best outdoor games for kids – try these fun, classic activities

Classic activities never go out of style, so get everyone outside and off the devices with these cool outdoor games for kids.
Building with words asking about feelings

The feeling words all parents should teach their little ones

Helping kids get in touch with their feelings is important and these are the feeling words children should learn when verbally expressing emotions.
A little upset boy pulling at his hair

Why do toddlers hit themselves? The reasons may surprise you

Why toddlers hit themselves is one of those parenting things you don't get prepared for. Let's dig into this part of toddlerdom parents will have to deal with.
Teenage girl jogging

These weight loss tips for teenagers really work and are good for their self-esteem

Does your teen want to get in shape and build confidence? We have specific weight loss plans for teenagers tailored just for their needs.
Parents with children playing a board game

Liven up family game night with these crowd-pleasing board games

Go old school or try something new — but get everyone excited for a weekly family board game night with these options.
Kids at a zoo watching a snake

Wow your kids with these fun facts about animals

These fun animal facts are sure to delight and amaze your kids while also educating them about wild and domestic animals.
A little girl with her hands in her hair.

5 adorable baby girl haircut options: Try these cute, stress-free ideas

A first haircut is a memorable milestone. Here are some simple and adorable baby girl haircut ideas that won't cause drama.
5-year-old girl celebrating her birthday

12 birthday party ideas for 5-year-olds to have at home

Does hosting a party at your house for your 5-year-old scare you? Then, check out these awesome birthday party ideas at home that are low stress and fun.
Little girl watching movie on the seat-back TV screen while enjoying her airline meal

How old do you have to be to fly alone? Read this before booking your kid’s trip

Do you know how old your child has to be to fly alone? What are the rules? Find out here.
Cute baby crawling across a rug

Why you should celebrate your kids’ inchstones

Celebrating inchstones is a growing parenting trend. Find out what inchstones are and why you should highlight these on the way to achieving baby milestones.
Group of tweens all using cellphones.

6 reasons why all parents should let their kids have cellphones

If you're a parent trying to decide on a smartphone for your child, here are the reasons why kids should have cellphones.
A young child having help blowing his nose.

Why do kids get nosebleeds and when should parents worry?

Nosebleeds are a common kid problem, but they can be scary. What causes nosebleeds and how should you stop them? Here's what you need to know.
A family playing a game together.

The 4 main different parenting styles, explained

Know the difference between the main parenting styles to make it through those first 18 years or so of raising a child.
Parent working while child jumps on couch beside her.

Experts say this is how to discipline a kid who doesn’t care about consequences

Does your child just not care about consequences? There are still ways to get your point across.
Teenage girl holding baby sibling

7 signs of parentification: The behavior all parents need to avoid

When kids are made to assume familial responsibilities typical assigned to parents, it's known as parentification. Here are the signs all parents need to avoid.
Boy is excited for his fourth birthday

4-year-old birthday party ideas: 7 low-stress themes your child will love

Plan an amazing celebration for your preschooler with these super fun 4-year-old birthday party ideas that are simple and low stress.
Kids playing games outside

Healthy extracurricular activities kids and teens should explore

We want our kids to have hobbies that challenge them. That means getting them involved in healthier extracurricular activities, and we can help with that.
Mother and daughter talking.

Make co-parenting easier: How to survive and thrive as a couple with a small child

Keep co-parenting friction to a minimum when you know the ins and outs of this time for your family.
Smiling boy going to a sports party with bat and glove

The best baseball movies for kids (parents will love them, too)

Grab a seat on the couch with the family to watch these top baseball movies that never strike out.
Frustrated mom in need of nanny

What is a nanny? How to hire the right nanny for your needs

If you're exploring childcare options for your family and are thinking about a nanny, learn exactly what a nanny is and how to go about hiring the right one.
Three kids reading a book inside of a blanket fort

How to build a blanket fort for epic indoor adventures

Get the basics on how to build a blanket fort for your kids to enjoy on a snow day or any day that ends in y.
5-year-old girl celebrating her birthday

Need a fantastic theme for a fifth birthday party? Consider these

Let's get the celebration started with these fun five-year-old birthday party ideas that get kids active indoors or out.
Mother and daughter talking.

What age should children start wearing deodorant?

If you have an older kid, you might wonder when a child should start wearing deodorant. We'll help you talk to your child about body odor and hygiene products.
Cupcakes with blue and pink frosting

Want a surprise gender reveal? Here are some ideas

If you want to throw a celebration to announce your new addition, try these unique gender reveal party ideas.
Kids having fun at a bowling alley party

How to throw the perfect kids’ bowling birthday party

A bowling birthday party is a perfect strike for kids of all ages and here's everything you need to plan one.
Two kids washing dishes

12 life skills kids need to know before high school

Don't wait until college is right around the corner to teach your kids these 12 important life skills.
Two children are making a snack in the kitchen

We love these easy, healthy snacks for kids

Kids love to snack but they don't always choose the healthiest options. We've got some easy and healthy snacks for kids that won't break the bank.
A child and parent on the floor talking

How to avoid raising a spoiled child (and 3 warning signs to look out for)

If you want to raise a kid that wouldn't be the first to go in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, we have ways to stop a spoiled child from hatching in your home.
New Year's resolutions written on a notebook.

This is the most important New Year’s resolution parents need to make

Here is the most crucial New Year's resolution parents should make this year — and really follow through with keeping.
A person making a list of New Year's resolutions

5 New Year’s resolution ideas for kids that promote healthy habits

Start the year off on a positive note with kids' New Year's resolutions that promote healthier habits.
A surprised Santa against a red wall.

When kids believing in Santa come to an end: At what age and why they stop

When the magic of kids believing in Santa looks like it's about to disappear, here's how to handle it.
Toddler girl having a night terror

Why do toddlers wake up crying? A few alarming things might be going on

There are a few reasons why toddler wakes up crying. Let us help you figure out which ones you need to be on the lookout for.
A surprised Santa against a red wall.

Is it OK to lie to your children about Santa Claus? Here’s what experts say

Learn what experts say about lying to kids about Santa Claus.
Family decorating tree

How many presents should your child get for Christmas? Here are some insights

Celebrating Christmas doesn't have to be stressful or expensive. We offer hints in determining how many gifts to give your children.