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Measuring tape around a fork

What exactly is an almond mom? A “new” parenting style to know about

An almond mom is a relatively new parenting term, but the practice has been around for ages. Learn what an almond mom is and how to not be one.
Toddler boy being fed green beans

How to make baby food with green beans in less than 10 minutes

Standing on a weight scale

What to do when your child is obese

Children playing outside in the grass.

What does poison ivy look like? What you need to know to protect your kids

Parents having a talk with their teen.

How to keep from becoming a snowplow parent

Pregnant couple cuddling.

What you need to know about throwing a nesting party

Pregnant woman on a bed.

Everything you want to know about fraternal twins

Grandpa and grandson laughing at a knock-knock joke

These funny jokes for 6- to 7-year-olds will be a hit with kids

Kids having fun in a pool and wearing sunglasses.

These are the absolute best pool games for kids

Teens at outdoor birthday party

10 stellar summer birthday ideas for your kid

A baby laying on a chalk drawing of outer space.

11 out-of-this-world space names for boys and girls

Child with umbrella

15 fun rainy day activities for kids you should have in your back pocket when boredom kicks in

A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

Need parental alone time? 9 great resorts with kids’ clubs worth the splurge

All-inclusive resorts often offer kids' clubs that allow parents some alone time. Find out which ones are worth the splurge.
Teenagers getting twisted over tongue twisters

There are actually some helpful benefits of tongue twisters for kids

Who doesn't love tongue twisters, but did you know that tongue twisters for kids actually help develop speech and language skills.
A family on vacation taking a break to look at the view

10 fun summer activities for kids and parents to do together

Looking for cool stuff to do this summer, then check out these fun summer activities parents and children and even teens can do together.
Child painting at an art-themed painting party

Spark your child’s creativity with these incredible art projects for kids

Kick the boredom and ignite creativity with these fun and easy art projects for kids.
Cute baby girl surrounded by possible names

The best middle names for girls: 30 great options

Picking a name for your baby girl can be tough, and once you've settled on a first name you still have to decide on a middle name. Here are some great options.
Pregnant couple cuddling.

How to create a birth plan: Your complete guide

From who you want at the hospital with you to how you'll manage pain — a birth plan checklist will be a help when having a baby. Here's how to create yours.
Child blowing bubbles in a playhouse

How to make homemade bubble solution in 2 easy steps

Using homemade bubble solution is not only a fun way for adults and kids to spend the day, but cheap, too. Learn how to make this easy and affordable solution.
Woman sitting on couch and looking at a pregnancy test

12 cool pregnancy announcement ideas everyone will flip for

If you're looking to share the exciting news of a baby on the way, here are some unique pregnancy announcement ideas everyone will love.
Mom giving her baby a bath

How to clean baby ears: A step-by-step guide

When it comes to cleaning a baby's delicate ears, some precautions need to be taken. Here's how to do it safely.
Baby girl at a birthday party

9 beautiful fantasy girl names for your baby

Inspiration for fantasy girl names for your baby can come from books, movies, and even video games. Here are our favorite choices.
Kids reading outside on a summer day

10 incredible summer activities for kids that they’ll truly love

It doesn't take long for boredom to creep in once school is out, so be prepared with these exciting summer activities for kids.
A pregnant woman talking to her health care provider

How much does IVF actually cost?

How much is IVF? We'll help you see how much your journey to becoming a parent could potentially cost.
A child wearing a tie-dye shirt

How to tie-dye shirts without a mess

Tie-dyeing shirts is a fun activity to do with kids. It could be intimidating, but don't let the thought of a mess keep you from giving it a shot.
Woman feeding baby in a high chair

9 clever ways to get free baby stuff

Babies are expensive, so find out how to get free baby stuff to save money.
Woman with slime between fingers

How to get slime out of clothes (and just about everything else)

The trick is to know how to get slime out of clothes, hair, and even the carpet, so you won't mind when your child wants to play with it.
sweet baby girl sleeping in a rainbow blanket

What is a rainbow baby? What you need to know

Learn what a rainbow baby is and how you can help share the joy and grief behind the term.
Baby girl with a "hello my name sign is" on her onesie

Unisex baby names: These are our top picks

Unisex baby names are gaining in popularity as parents realize they have more options than ever. Here are some of our favorites for your consideration.
Parents teaching their daughter how to ride a bike with training wheels

Why positive reinforcement needs to be in your parenting toolkit

Learn how to change your child's negative behaviors through behavior modification with these positive reinforcement examples.
A baby awake in their crib in a sleep sack

What is the Ferber Method, and is sleep training safe for my baby?

What is the Ferber Method of sleep training and is it safe? We'll tell you all you need to know.
Popcorn with sunglasses and movie tickets

Indulge in nostalgia: 23 90s kids’ movies your own kids will love

If you're looking for family-friendly things to watch with your children, be nostalgic and share these 90s kids' movies with your children.
A crying toddler holding an ice cream cone

How to help a crying child: Our top tips for sensitive kids

If you're dealing with a crying child multiple times a day, learn the top tips to help an overly sensitive kid manage emotions.
Pregnant woman on a bed.

Doula vs. midwife: What’s the difference?

Midwives and doulas both aid individuals as they go through pregnancy and labor, but their roles are actually quite different. Here's what you should know.
A child eating her school lunch

7 kids’ school lunch ideas you can put together in no time

Need some inspiration for packing food for school? Then check out our yummy and healthy kids' school lunch ideas.
A family walking in an airport

Flying while pregnant? This is what you need to know

Can you fly if you're pregnant, or is it on the list of no-no's, like soft cheeses and deli meats? Here are a few things to know about flying while pregnant. 
White nursery

The ultimate nursery checklist of everything you need (and nothing you don’t)

Make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don't with this must-have nursery checklist.
Brightly colored hopscotch court in a schoolyard

How to play hopscotch (plus 5 great variations)

Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game for kids of all ages, so teach your kiddos how to play hopscotch because it's always fun and gets them moving, too.
Grandfather reading a story to his young granddaughter

Grandpa names: 6 incredible ideas from the traditional to the unique

Here are six alternative nicknames for any grandfather who is looking for something different than the traditional options.
Blank journal page with flowers

25 creative journal prompts for kids

If you're trying to get your children into journaling, try these fun and thought-provoking journal prompts for kids to get those writing juices flowing.
Toddler playing guitar

We love these gorgeous aesthetic names for baby boys and girls

Aesthetic baby names are the hottest new trend and we've compiled a list of some of the cutest girl, boy and gender-neutral options to choose from.
Kids enjoying eating pizza at a birthday party

9 incredible birthday party food ideas when you’re on a budget

Birthday party food ideas on a budget don't have to be tasteless; we've got a delish menu everyone will love.
A cluster of different baby bottles in a bowl.

Glass vs. plastic baby bottles: Here’s what doctors have to say

For parents, even something like choosing the type of bottle to use is an important decision. So, glass vs. plastic baby bottles: Which is the better choice? 
Kids playing games outside

The best outdoor games for kids – try these fun, classic activities

Classic activities never go out of style, so get everyone outside and off the devices with these cool outdoor games for kids.
Baby boy wearing a blue knitted cap

The top cowboy and Western baby names that are riding high

If you're looking for Western baby names for your little one, we've got the top cowboy names you won't need to wrangle.
Teenage girl jogging

These weight loss tips for teenagers really work and are good for their self-esteem

Does your teen want to get in shape and build confidence? We have specific weight loss plans for teenagers tailored just for their needs.
Kids at a zoo watching a snake

Wow your kids with these fun facts about animals

These fun animal facts are sure to delight and amaze your kids while also educating them about wild and domestic animals.
Little boy sitting in front of an aquarium watching the fish

Plan a great family road trip: The best aquariums in the U.S. for kids

If you're planning a road trip for the family, be sure to put the best aquariums in the U.S. on the must-do list.
5-year-old girl celebrating her birthday

12 birthday party ideas for 5-year-olds to have at home

Does hosting a party at your house for your 5-year-old scare you? Then, check out these awesome birthday party ideas at home that are low stress and fun.
Pregnant woman using contraction timer app

Is Unisom safe during pregnancy? Here’s what the experts say

Unisom is often suggested for pregnant people to help minimize morning sickness and help them fall asleep and stay asleep, but is it safe?