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Happy baby eating from a red bowl

5 vegetarian baby food recipes that are easy to make

Need simple but healthy baby food options? These five vegetarian baby recipes will taste great and are easy to make.
Mom breastfeeding newborn in bed

10 foods to avoid while breastfeeding (and some good, nutritious ones that help prevent colic)

Tired-looking teen playing video games at his desk

5 hobbies for teens that will help combat their addiction to video games

A parent about to stop a toddler from grabbing a toy

Why toddlers throw things: What to do to stop them from breaking objects and driving you mad

Father holding baby in nursery

Some babies want to be held while sleeping: Here’s why

Teenage girl jogging

These weight loss tips for teenagers really work and are good for their self-esteem

Toddler being spoon-fed breakfast

6 of the best toddler cereals to offer your child that aren’t packed with sugar

Child eating pizza out of pizza box

How to stop food obsession in children

baby on back sleeping

When should a baby sleep in their own room? The best time to make the switch

Tween boy shaving

How to teach a teenage boy to shave the right way

Drinking wine while pregnant

Real talk: How much wine can you safely drink while pregnant? (We’re surprised)

Child crying while playing at table with brothers

Is middle child syndrome really a thing? We’ll shed some light on this concept

Swaddled baby on a bed

Sleep sack vs. swaddle: What’s the safest option for putting your little one to sleep?

Sleep sack vs. swaddle: Get expert advice on the safety of a sleep sack and a swaddle to know which to snuggle your little one in.
Teens ignoring each other

How to help your socially awkward teenager gain confidence

Use these strategies to help a socially awkward teen be more confident.
Baby in a seat bundled up for winter cold

The best baby winter coats to keep your kids stylishly warm

Want to keep your little one warm yet still stylish this winter? We have the best baby winter coats with the perfect blend of fashion and function.
Toddler walking through the snow

The best toddler winter boots for winter that are protective and parent-approved

Looking for cozy boots for your little one? These are the best toddler winter boots for only $30 (or less).
Cake for a baby shower

9 inexpensive baby shower favors people will actually like

Need inexpensive baby shower favor ideas guests will actually like and use? We've got 9 baby shower party favors that won't break the bank.
Getting a manicure

Can you get your nails done while pregnant? These are the factors to consider

Here's what you need to know about getting your nails done during pregnancy. Find out which chemicals are hazardous and which brands are safe.
A parent feeding a baby some baby food

These are the four best high-protein baby foods

Your baby may not be hitting the gym yet, but protein-packed foods are important for their growth. Check out some of the best foods for your little one.
Brushing baby's hair

Why brushing your baby’s hair should be part of your daily routine

Even if you don't give baby a bath every day, you should be brushing baby's hair. Here are the benefits for you and your little one.
Toddler in ballet class

The best toddler dance classes for your 3-year-old

Here are some of the best dance classes for toddlers that you can consider enrolling your 3-year-old in.
Pregnant woman on couch experiencing cramps

Having pregnancy cramping at 19 weeks? We can help you deal with it

19 weeks pregnancy cramps can be quite uncomfortable. What causes them, what can you do to relieve them, and when should you worry?
Baby boy laying on a blanket on his tummy

When do babies roll over? Everything to know about this exciting milestone

Wondering when babies start tummy time and rolling over? We have the answers and some safety tips to follow, too.
Mother and daughter playing with makeup

How old do you have to be to wear makeup? What every parent needs to know about this rite of passage

As a parent, you're wondering: How old do you have to be to wear makeup? Take a look at our helpful parenting tips as a guide for how to talk to your child.
A dad changing baby's diaper

How to change a diaper: Your simple step-by-step guide

Are you worried about how to change your baby's diaper? Then all you have to do is check out our simple step-by-step guide.
Baby getting a haircut

Baby’s first haircut: Everything you need to know to get through this milestone without tears

Time for your baby's first haircut? Here's what you need to know before the first snip of the scissors and anyone's first tears.
A cluster of different baby bottles in a bowl

Glass vs. plastic baby bottles: Here’s what doctors have to say

The big bottle debate is glass vs. plastic baby bottles. Find out what the experts think.
Two teens embracing

How to support an LGBTQIA+ teen if they’re having bullying issues in school

Bullying in school is too common, especially for LGBTQIA+ teens. Here’s how to be your child’s biggest ally if it's happening to them.
Smiling baby on colorful play mat

Baby play mat ins and outs: What age you should get one and the benefits for baby’s development

A baby play mat promotes your baby's motor skills and muscle development. We discuss the best age to get one and any additional benefits for your baby.
Baby eating solids in highchair

Your questions answered – Everything you need to know about baby-led weaning

What is baby-led weaning, and is it the right option for you and your little one? Here's what to know about this method of solid introduction.
Baby boy in bed with his eyes open

Concerned with baby scratching their nose? This is what it might mean

If your baby is scratching their nose, what do you do? We discuss reasons your babe is obsessed with their nose and how to help them leave it alone.
Feeding sick toddler

Feeding toddlers when sick: What to feed a toddler with a fever

Having a sick child at home is never fun, especially when they won't eat. We know what to feed a toddler with a fever to get their appetite back.
Mother measuring daughter's height against a wall

The ultimate guide to toddler growth spurts so you can track your kid’s progress

Your toddler gets taller and gains weight during growth spurts. Here's what you need to know about toddler growth spurts.
Small child sitting on the edge of a bed

Does your toddler have a speech delay? Here’s what to do

Speech delays in toddlers can be stressful for everyone. Here's what to do if you're concerned your child isn't meeting speech milestones.
Brushing a toddler's hair

Is your toddler’s hair growing slowly? Here are some tips to promote hair growth

Is your toddler's hair growing slowly? These are the best tips for promoting toddler hair growth and incorporating more nutrients for healthy hygiene practices.
A dad reading to baby in mom's belly

5 best books for expecting dads every first-time father should read

Dads need to know what to expect when their partner is pregnant. Put these best books for expecting dads on your reading list.
Baby boy

You won’t believe what the most popular nicknames for baby boys are

Wondering what the best nicknames for baby boys are? Here are the most popular ones from every theme you could think of to call your little guy.
Woman breastfeeding older infant outside

Myths about breastfeeding – debunked

Misinformation about breastfeeding can cause parents to stop before they would like. Let's clear up some big-time misnomers.
Rows of carriages and strollers

Pram vs stroller: Which mode of transportation is right for your baby while on outings?

Pram vs stroller: which works best for your baby's safety and comfort and your busy lifestyle. We have the pros and cons of each option.
A teen blowing out vape smoke

6 facts about vaping that will put your teen off of it forever

Have a teenager who vapes? We have the facts about vaping you'll want to make sure you share with your teen.
Child crying in bed

Why do toddlers wake up crying? A few alarming things might be going on

There are a few reasons why toddlers wake up crying. Let us help you figure out which ones you need to be on the lookout for.
Pregnant woman using heating pad hot water bottle

Is it safe to use a heating pad while pregnant?

Here's everything you need to know about whether it's safe to use a heating pad while pregnant.
Teenage boy taking food from fridge

How many calories should I let my teen eat per day? The answer is complicated

Whether your teen is dieting or needs to lose weight, how many calories should your teen be eating per day?
Mom fixing daughter's hair and putting it in braids

5 amazing kid hairstyles for 10-year-old girls that are easy to do

Tired of doing your daughter's hair in the same old ponytail? Switch it up with these hairstyles for 10-year-old girls that won't take all day to do.
Dad holding baby in nursery.

Should I wake baby from a long nap? 3 times it’s okay

If you're asking yourself, should I wake up baby from a long nap, you aren't alone. We'll let you know when it's normal to wake that babe.
Ovulation testing strip kit

5 ways to detect ovulation at home naturally

If you're trying to conceive, here are five ways to detect ovulation naturally at home.
Baby bundled up in the snow

Cold-weather gear every baby should have

Make sure you have all the essential cold-weather gear babies need for their first winter.
Baby shower banner

Baby shower icebreakers for every type of party

No matter the party, icebreakers are important. We list some classic and creative ideas for the best baby shower icebreakers.
Young child doing homework

5 telltale signs your child is struggling in school (or will be) – and what to do to help

Are you wondering if your child is struggling in school? Here are the signs to watch for and some helpful hints.
Mom breastfeeding baby

Can you take cold medicine while nursing? What you need to know about what to avoid

Can you take cold medicine while nursing? What you need to know about what to avoid

Is it OK to take cold medicine while nursing? We discuss what's the best remedy for you and safe for your baby.