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Christmas crafts tools

7 great Christmas crafts your 14-year-old will think are cool

Take a break from the stress of the holiday season and enjoy doing Christmas crafts for teens together.
Cute baby girl in a headband sitting up.

The most popular baby girl nicknames that are so cute and unique they might surprise you

Toddler girl sleeping with plush bear

What to do when your toddler is coughing in their sleep and won’t stop

A mother talking to her teenage son while sitting on the couch.

Parenting 101: A list of punishments for teenagers that actually work

Three teenage girls in matching pajamas

10 great party favors teenage girls will actually think are cool

Sleeping toddler

8 incredible tips to get a toddler to sleep quickly

Child eating pizza out of pizza box

How to stop food obsession in children

Two toddler grls playing with blocks

Does your child have Asperger’s syndrome? Experts explain how to tell

Baby sleeps in crib with blue night light

Should babies sleep with a night light? Tips for using this handy gadget

Mother holding infant baby

Should you take DayQuil while nursing?

A parent taking care of a sick child.

Feeding toddlers when sick: What to feed a toddler with a fever

Dad holding baby in the nursery.

Should I wake baby from a long nap? 4 times it’s OK

Toddler girl

Typical toddler behavior or autism? Key differences

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) usually appears before age 3. Here's how to tell the difference between a symptom of ASD and normal toddler development.
Baby shower favors

9 inexpensive baby shower favors people will actually like

On the hunt for baby shower favors that won't break the bank? We've got baby shower favor ideas that are thoughtful and useful.
Parents smiling while holding newborn.

Bizzare behavior alert: Your baby constantly kicking legs and moving arms is actually totally normal

A baby constantly kicking legs and moving arms could seem a little strange, but it's normal. Here are other bizarre baby behaviors you may see your newborn do.
Teenage boy taking food from fridge

How many calories should I let my teen eat per day? The answer is complicated

Whether your teen is dieting or needs to lose weight, it's important to know how many calories your teen should be eating per day.
Drinking wine while pregnant

Real talk: How much wine can you safely drink while pregnant? (We’re surprised)

Real talk: How much wine can you really drink during your pregnancy? We'll provide you with some information to make an informed decision.
Baby with sweet potatoes

9 amazing sweet potato baby food combinations your child will love

Making your own sweet potato baby food is a snap with these tasty fruit and vegetable combinations.
Teen vaping outside

How you should discipline a teen for vaping

If you've caught your teen and need to know what's an appropriate punishment for vaping, we've got your go-to parenting guide.
Pregnant woman making eggs

8 super easy, healthy breakfasts for pregnant women you can make in 15 minutes

Ideas for breakfast for pregnant women don't have to be bland and tasteless. We have delicious options that won't take all morning to make.
A baby on their stomach holding themselves up.

Concerned about head-shaking child behavior? Here’s what you need to know

Ease your mind with information about if head shaking child behavior is normal — if you should be concerned, what causes head shaking, and what to do about it.
Mother measuring daughter's height against a wall.

The ultimate guide to toddler growth spurts so you can track your kid’s progress

The next developmental stage for your little one is here. We have what you need to know about toddler growth spurts for you and your tot to get through them.
Stuttering boy and speech therapist doing exercises. Boy and young woman teacher during private home lesson. Shot of a speech therapist and a little boy

5 exercises experts swear by to help with speech delays in toddlers

You can help your toddler's with their speech delay by doing these exercises.
Mother holding baby in nursery.

Is overfeeding a newborn a thing? You might be surprised by the answer

Is overfeeding a newborn possible? We have the clues from your baby to watch out for to know if you are feeding that little bundle too much.
Child chewing on his shirt collar.

Is your 4-year-old chewing on their shirt symptomatic of something wrong? What you need to know

Why is your child chewing on their shirt? Figure out what's going on and why your little one wants to know how their clothing tastes.
Mom breastfeeding newborn in bed.

10 foods to avoid while breastfeeding (and some good, nutritious ones that help prevent colic)

Now that you've made the decision to breastfeed, learn what foods to avoid while breastfeeding and what to be sure to include in your diet.
Young boy at the beach with balloons sitting with a birthday cake.

How to come up with a few 6-year-old birthday party ideas on a budget

Looking to throw an inexpensive celebration, try these cost-effective six-year-old birthday party ideas that don't skimp on fun.
A mother taking her baby's hands out of their mouth.

Baby sucking on their hand? You’ll be surprised what’s behind this behavior

Why is baby sucking on their hand? Let's find out why your precious peanut won't keep their hand out of their mouth and if you should try to break their habit.
Mother with newborn

Should you wear a postpartum belt after your C-section?

When is the right time to wear a postpartum belt after your C-section? We discuss it here.
Mom breastfeeding baby on bed.

5 effective tips for dealing with post-weaning depression

If you're feeling depressed post weaning, here's what might be going on.
two kids playing on phones

Kid-friendly YouTubers your child will be safe watching

If your kid has a laptop or tablet, they have been on YouTube. We provide a list of YouTubers that are safe for them to watch.
A baby playing with the mobile above their crib.

One of these cool science baby names options will be perfect for your future scientist

Whether you love nature, innovation, or space, there are a ton of options for science baby names, and we have a list of the best ones for your little one.
Two teenagers on a date outside

What is normal teen sexual behavior? We’ve got answers to help you understand your teenager

What can parents expect in terms of normal teen sex behavior, like puberty, STI risk, and when most teens start having sex? We've got answers.
Woman sitting on couch and looking at a pregnancy test

What are the signs of implantation?

Signs of implantation of a pregnancy include implantation bleeding and implantation cramping. Find out what other implantation symptoms may occur.
Mother comforting a crying baby

Need to move things along? You can actually make prune juice for babies

Homemade prune juice for babies can be a natural laxative to keep your baby regular, but is it okay to use?
Toddler being comforted in bed after a nightmare.

Can babies have nightmares? What you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about whether babies have nightmares plus what do to do to soothe them back to sleep.
Girl jumping on indoor trampoline

Indoor children’s trampolines: Good idea, or accident waiting to happen?

Kids are going to jump, and an indoor trampoline sounds better than jumping on the bed. Are indoor trampolines safe though? Here are the pros and cons.
Blond child playing fortnite

Is Fortnite good for kids? Experts definitely have opinions

Is my child old enough to play Fortnite? Experts weigh in on if Fortnite is good for kids to play, and at what age is best to let them start.
A group of young children at an activity table.

Is middle child syndrome really a thing? We’ll shed some light on this concept

Whether you have more than two children or are a middle child yourself, we have information about middle child syndrome that may shed light on the situation.
Toddler eating a banana

5 warning signs your toddler has a speech delay

Watch out for these 5 signs that your toddler might have a speech delay.
An ultrasound on a screen

What to expect at every ultrasound and how many you may have

You'll have a few ultrasounds during pregnancy. Here's what to expect at the 8-week ultrasound and every one after, plus why you may need more.
Tooth smile with missing tooth

How much does the tooth fairy pay? The answer may shock you

The amount that the tooth fairy pays per tooth increases every year. Find out how much she gives on average nationally and how it varies by region.
Sleeping toddler

Night terrors in toddlers: Effective remedies you should try

It's heartbreaking when your child screams in their sleep, but if your tot has these episodes, there are night terrors in toddlers remedies to try at home.
Brushing baby's hair

Why brushing your baby’s hair should be part of your daily routine

Should brushing baby hair be a part of the daily routine? Here's why parents should start making hair brushing a part of baby's day and night.
ghost looming over child's bed

Can children see and talk to ghosts? Here’s what the experts say

We asked psychologists if parents should be scared that their children report seeing ghosts. Here's what they said.
Mom sitting in a rocking chair holding a smiling baby

5 reasons why a rocking chair for the nursery is an important must-have for both parents and babies

A rocking chair for nursery is an essential you won't want to do without and here's why.
A group of kids ready for Halloween.

Need a Halloween craft for 10-year-olds? Here are spookingly great ideas

Want to keep your goblins busy this spooky season? These Halloween crafts for 10-year-olds will be sure to keep all of the ghosts and ghouls entertained.
Baby sleeping on their back.

When should a baby sleep in their own room? The best time to make the switch

This is when your baby should move into their own room.
father and teen having a talk on a bench

7 awesome podcasts dedicated to surviving the hell of parenting teens

Find help and laughs with these parenting teen podcasts as you deal with the ups and downs of your teenager.
A glass of chocolate milk with a straw

When can babies have chocolate milk? This is when it’s safe to let your child indulge

Is chocolate milk safe for babies? We discuss when you can serve this treat to your little one and which kind is best for them.