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A parent having a talk with their child

Is the tooth fairy real? What to tell your kids about the tooth-stealing ninja when they ask

Whether you want to keep the fairy tale alive or tell the truth, if your child asked if the Tooth Fairy is real, we have the backstory to give them.
A boy and girl having fun during an Easter egg hunt

10 treats for your toddler’s Easter eggs that aren’t candy

An ultrasound on a screen

What to expect at every ultrasound and how many you may have

Produce, sugar, and diabetes monitoring equipment on a blue overlay

You failed your 1-hour glucose test – now what?

A menstrual pad being held on a pink background

What is implantation bleeding like? Facts you should know about when and why this happens

A woman doing stretches at home

These are the diastasis recti exercises to help repair your stomach

Tooth smile with missing tooth

How much does the tooth fairy pay? The answer may shock you

Little girl cleaning her home

Why your kids should do their own spring cleaning – none of you will regret their little helping hands

Woman in yellow dress holding 3D sonogram pregnancy announcement

3D ultrasounds are trending: Should you get one?

A mother combing her son's hair

Everything you wish you didn’t need to know about head lice (but do)

Woman suffering from postpartum depression

Moms with depression may be hurting their child’s development, study shows

A woman having cramps

What is implantation cramping like? Find out if what you’re feeling is early pregnancy symptoms

Pregnant woman on a beach

Best babymoon ideas for any budget – ways to spend time together before the big arrival

The baby will be here before you know it, so now is the time to whisk yourselves away and enjoy some one-on-one time before your world turns upside down.
Woman sitting on couch and looking at a pregnancy test

What are the signs of implantation?

Signs of implantation of a pregnancy include implantation bleeding and implantation cramping. Find out what other implantation symptoms may occur.
A parent and teen talking.

Need advice on parenting teens? Get support from these Facebook groups just for you

If you're looking for advice on parenting teens, these Facebook groups of other parents of teens can provide support.
Two teenagers on a date outside

What is normal teen sexual behavior? We’ve got answers to help you understand your teenager

What can parents expect in terms of normal teen sex behavior, like puberty, STI risk, and when most teens start having sex? We've got answers.
A woman undergoing an ultrasound

Going through the IVF process? Here’s what to expect

The IVF process can feel overwhelming. Here's what you can expect, including the IVF success rate and whether you'll experience physical pain.
Mother comforting a crying baby

RSV, the flu, or COVID? What to know about the tripledemic to keep your kids safe

Between RSV in kids, the flu, and COVID, navigating the winter season feels like playing Frogger. Here's what to know about the tripledemic.
Family listens to music at mealtime

Use music to encourage good mealtime habits with your kids

Mealtime can be tough, especially with uncooperative kids. Looking for a new solution? Music could be the key to better mealtime habits for the whole family.
Pregnant married woman standing in a floral gown

5 things you should never say to a pregnant woman

These questions can be very awkward to ask pregnant women who may already be uncomfortable with then new attention. Here's why.
Woman tutoring a middle school student in the library

How much does boarding school cost?

How much does boarding school cost? This is the average cost of private school with room and board in the United States.
A toddler holding a new baby on a white bench

How to help your toddler adjust to a new baby

Do you have a toddler with another little one on the way? Here's how to help your toddler adjust to a new baby before and after their sibling arrives.
Mom and preschooler talking on a couch

Talking to your kids about how babies are made – making it simple and comfortable

These are our top tips for talking to kids about how babies are made. Keep it simple with age-appropriate sex ed.
Woman with coffee and laptop

The best Facebook groups for parents of toddlers

Find toddler parenting advice in these 6 Facebook groups filled with thousands of parents looking to give and receive parenting advice for raising toddlers.
Preschool teacher talking with students at a table

Is public or private preschool right for your child?

Public preschool and private preschool have many differences, so how do you choose which one is right for your child?
A toddler on a log with a parent

Teaching your toddler boundaries without hurting your bond

Toddler behavior varies. How should you teach a toddler boundaries in spite of that? With love and empathy. Here's how.
Valentine's Day envelope with hearts

Shower your kids with love on Valentine’s Day with these 5 ideas

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to take extra steps to show your kids how much you care. Try these fun ideas to express your heart to your kiddos.
Child making a paper heart with scissors

Show your young child you love them with these Valentine’s Day toddler activities

Valentine's Day with kids can be fun. These Valentine's Day toddler activities will ensure they feel loved and included.
two parents playing with blocks with a child

Tips on how to get your toddler to follow directions willingly (seriously)

Making a toddler follow directions is a challenging task. This guide will help you overcome common toddler behavior issues.
A teen boy at the wheel with Dad watching

Important driving behaviors to teach your teen

Teaching a teen to drive isn't easy, but it's important to make sure yours has these driving behaviors.
Two children are making a snack in the kitchen

These 9 easy no-bake recipes for kids are perfect for independent bakers

Looking for no-bake desserts for your little chef to make for everyone? Try these kid-friendly recipes that only need a few ingredients.
Child sitting in front of the TV

Is your kid having too much screen time? It depends on your laziness as a parent

Is screen time for your kids getting out of control? We'll help you reign it in and get your children's faces out of their screens.
Dad talking to daughter

These are the top subjects to cover when you talk to teens about sex – What your child needs to know

Figuring out how to talk to teens about sex can be uncomfortable, but it doesn't have to be. This guide arms you with the five things to cover in "the talk."
Toddler girl eating fruit in the kitchen

How to plan your toddler’s feeding schedule to keep them happy

How to create and stick to a toddler feeding schedule.
Mom and toddler coloring on the floor

Toddler behavior charts: Easy ideas to make at home

Toddlers can be quite the handful. One potential resource is the behavior chart. Here's how you and your toddler can create a behavior chart together at home.
Toddler eating

Mealtime manners for kids you should teach – the most important basics

Table manners are important, but what are the most important mealtime manners that kids must have? Find out here.
A group of diverse teenagers smiling

Which of your teen’s behavior problems should concern you and which are normal

Not every attitude from your teenager is a red flag. We have the normal teen behaviors that are just a part of growing up.
Toddler girl pouring ketchup on spaghetti

Why do toddlers have weird eating habits? The mystery is solved

Toddlers have weird eating habits. Here's how to hack them.
Teen girl with red folder

Should I send my teen daughter to boarding school? Here are some insights

Teen girl boarding schools have many benefits like academic excellence, growing self-confidence, and high levels of supervision. Here's what else.
Parents at crib of their sleeping baby

How to soothe a baby crying in their sleep and get your rest as well

Have a baby who cries in their sleep? We have the tips and tricks to figure out how to get everyone back to sleep.
Mom comforting teen

Teen suicidal behavior: What to say and what to avoid, according to experts

By many estimates, suicide is the second-leading cause of death among adolescents. Here's how to spot potential warning signs and take the appropriate action.
Toddler refusing to eat healthy lunch/snack of fruit and drink her milk

Toddler not eating? Try these genius ideas and tips

Having a toddler that won't eat anything gets frustrating. Here's why your tot won't take a bite and how to get their appetite back.
Toddler boy standing with arms crossed

What to feed your constipated toddler to get things moving

Here's what you can feed your constipated toddler to help them feel better.
Teenage girls looking at presents they are opening

Help your teen spend their Christmas money wisely – tips for good money habits

Don't want your teenager to waste their Christmas cash? We have better ways for your teen spend their Christmas money.
Dad sharing words of encouragement with his son

20 words of encouragement for kids you probably don’t use enough

What should you say to encourage a child? These 20 words of encouragement for kids are empowering.
Post-it note with responsibility written on it

Why teaching responsibility to children is crucial to their development

Why is teaching kids responsibility so important? Here's how to instill this value in your kids.
Setting a daily routine

Why kids need routines and how you’re hurting your children by not enforcing them

Routines for kids are important. Learn why routines help set up your kids for success.
Baby sleeping in crib with a gray blanket and decals

What causes a baby’s snoring and what should you do about it?

Hearing your baby snore while sleeping? We go over when those little snorts are a cause for concern and when to let that baby snore the night away.
Doctor examining a pregnant woman

Call your doctor immediately if you have any of these third-trimester problems

You should be concerned about these third-trimester pregnancy issues.
Teen playing video games

Watch out for these top symptoms of video game addiction in teens

What are the symptoms of video gaming addiction? What can you do?