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Swaddled baby

Is swaddling safe? What the experts say about baby wrapping

Here's what you need to know about whether swaddling is safe for baby.
A baby awake in their crib in a sleep sack

Understanding baby wake windows is the key to better sleep

A baby awake in their crib in a sleep sack

What is the Ferber Method, and is sleep training safe for my baby?

White nursery

The ultimate nursery checklist of everything you need (and nothing you don’t)

A mother watching her baby sleep in their crib.

When do babies sleep through the night (and what the answer means for your child)?

Father holding baby in nursery.

Some babies want to be held while sleeping: Here’s why

A mother watching her baby sleep in their crib.

What is 4-month sleep regression (and how to keep it from ruining your life)

A toddler sleeping in the bed.

Why do toddlers cry in their sleep and how can you help them?

Baby sleeping in a bed with their mouth open

Does your baby sleep with their mouth open? What to know about mouth breathing in babies

A mother changing a baby on a bed.

Your baby fell off the bed! Do these things immediately to ensure proper care for your child

Toddler girl sleeping with plush bear

What to do when your toddler is coughing in their sleep and won’t stop

Sleeping toddler

8 incredible tips to get a toddler to sleep quickly

Baby sleeps in crib with blue night light

Should babies sleep with a night light? Tips for using this handy gadget

A night light in the nursery sounds like a good idea, but here are the ins and outs of why a night light might not be the best for baby's sleep hygiene.
Dad holding baby in the nursery.

Should I wake baby from a long nap? 4 times it’s OK

If you're asking yourself, should I wake up baby from a long nap, you aren't alone. We'll let you know when it's normal to wake that babe.
Toddler being comforted in bed after a nightmare.

Can babies have nightmares? What you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about whether babies have nightmares plus what do to do to soothe them back to sleep.
Sleeping toddler

Night terrors in toddlers: Effective remedies you should try

It's heartbreaking when your child screams in their sleep, but if your tot has these episodes, there are night terrors in toddlers remedies to try at home.
Baby sleeping on their back.

When should a baby sleep in their own room? The best time to make the switch

This is when your baby should move into their own room.
Infant boy sleeping on bed

These 4 pre-nap routines will help your child sleep peacefully

Getting kids to nap during the infant and toddler years will help maintain everyone’s sanity. We list four great pre-nap routines for them.
A baby in a sleep sack in their crib.

Does every baby need a sleep sack? It’s complicated

Do you think your baby needs a sleep sack? Unsure if they're worth the money? We discuss the pros and cons of sleep sacks for babies.
A white nose machine in a baby's bedroom.

Is white noise bad for babies? It actually can be harmful

If your child just won’t go to sleep without a fight, you may have been told to try white noise. But is white noise bad for babies or is it the relief you need?
A mother singing to her little baby.

The 5 most popular lullabies every parent should know

Every parent should know the most popular lullabies to sing to their baby. We provide a list of five classic songs along with their lyrics.
Children playing in a bedroom.

Floor beds are trending. Is the hallmark Montessori sleep space for your little one?

Montessori is trending and so are floor beds. These sleep spaces aren't new, though. Should you get one for your child? Read on.
Parents at crib of their sleeping baby.

How to soothe a baby crying in their sleep and get your rest as well

Have a baby who cries in their sleep? We have the tips and tricks to figure out how to get everyone back to sleep.
Baby looking up in a crib

When is it safe for your child to sleep with stuffed animals? Count on waiting longer than expected

Babies sleeping with stuffed animals is cute, but it carries definite risks. Here's what you need to know about keeping your infant safe.
Boy Sleeping With Blanket

This is when your toddler can sleep with a blanket and pillow

Learn when toddlers can safely sleep with a blanket and pillow.
Mother holding sleeping baby.

How to break the cycle of an overtired baby

An overtired infant can wake up several times at night. We discuss how to break the cycle and get more sleep for your baby and you.
Hands holding baby monitor over crib with sleeping baby in it.

Prime Day baby monitor deals 2022: Top 3 picks, from $50

These are our three favorite Prime Day baby monitor deals and they start at just $50. If you're a new parent, don't sleep on these deals for you and your baby.
Swaddled sleeping baby in a bed.

How to dress a newborn for bed so they’ll be safe and comfy all night long

Are you wondering how your newborn should be dressed for bed? We tell you the right way.
Baby holding pacifier

The best and safest pacifiers for babies and toddlers

If you choose to give your baby a pacifier, what kind should you use? We did some digging to find a few great options for you and highlighted them here.
A baby getting a head massage.

How massage can help your baby sleep (seriously!)

A thorough look at how massage can help your baby sleep.
A toddler sleeping holding a teddy bear.

Is your baby waking up too early? These 6 tips can help

6 tips that can help you if your baby is waking up too early.
A sleeping baby moving their hands over their head.

Here’s how to tell if your baby twitching in their sleep is totally harmless

How to tell if your baby twitching in their sleep is totally harmless.
mother reading to child

7 best bedtime books for toddlers every parent needs on their bookshelf

These are 7 bedtime story books your children will love.
A baby sleeping on his side holding a teddy bear.

Is it safe for babies to sleep on their sides? Here’s what the experts say

Here's everything you need to know about baby sleeping on his side.
Potty-training toddler.

What is the 3-day potty training method? It just might work like a charm

The idea of the 3-day method comes from author, and self-proclaimed “Potty Training Queen”, Lora Jensen.
A baby sleeping in a crib

When can babies sleep on their stomach? What you should know about SIDS risk

Here's what you need to know about babies sleeping on their stomach.
Baby boy in a crib.

Ask yourself these 4 questions before you buy a convertible crib

Here's everything you need to know about convertible cribs.
newborn wrapped in a blanket and crying

What to do if baby wakes up screaming

Here is what to do if your baby wakes up screaming in the night
Breastfeeding Mom At Night

Baby falls asleep while breastfeeding? Here’s what to do

What to do if your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding.
Thermostat on a wall

Good, better, best: Portable air conditioners to beat the summer heat

We list the best portable air conditioners you can get to cool down this summer.
Dad reading to his daughter

8 best bedtime books under $15 to read to your preschooler

Here are the best bedtime books you can read to your preschooler.
Little girl wearing headphones on a bed

7 best bedtime podcasts kindergartners will be obsessed with

Kindergartners will love falling asleep to these bedtime podcasts.
A boy sleeping in his bedroom

What you need to know about bedwetting solutions for kids

Bedwetting can be embarrassing for a child — here's how to deal with it.
A baby bassinet with a unique design

These unique bassinets are the coolest we’ve seen

These bassinets add their own twist to baby care and sleep.
A pregnant woman sleeping with a pregnancy pillow.

Good, better, best: Pregnancy pillows you can’t sleep without

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable -- but these pillows can help you.
A baby's crib in a nursery

Create an organic oasis in your baby’s crib

For those who prefer a natural crib environment, here's what you need to know about organic products.
A baby sleeping near a white-noise machine

What to consider before getting a sound machine for your baby

We discuss the reasons why you should and shouldn't use a sound machine and what to look for if you do purchase one.
Swaddled sleeping baby in a bed.

6 best swaddle blankets to keep your baby snug

Swaddling can make babies feel safe and cozy — these products will help you achieve that.
Audio baby monitor in nursery

Audio baby monitors can help you de-stress, and these are the best available

Need help picking out a baby monitor? Here are some great ones.
A baby sleeping in a crib

Baby won’t sleep in a crib? Try these solutions

If your baby only sleeps when held and not in a crib, you should try these helpful solutions.