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The best baby doll beds for your kids

Playing with dolls helps your child develop a lot of skills cognitively, socially, and empathetically. When they take care of their doll, they have to think through their decisions on what to do. This can include figuring out how to carry them, what to feed them, and how the toy interacts with other toys in the space. Socially speaking, your child will communicate with the doll, which helps develop speaking skills. Most importantly, this will build your child’s empathy so that they can develop emotional intelligence from an early age.

Baby doll beds come in all different shapes and sizes. This is primarily due to the doll’s sizing, but you also have to take into account the “age” of the doll that your child is playing with. If the doll is a small infant or toddler doll, the doll may need something appropriate for small children. This can include cribs or bassinets. Once the doll is “older” they can start using a doll bed. Having the appropriate kind of bed for your child’s doll will help your child immerse in the reality of their parenthood.

The New York Doll Collection Bunk Bed

Best Bunk Bed

When your child has two precious dolls that they want to take care of, you should get them the New York Doll Collection Bunk Bed. This bunk bed will house two 18 inch dolls comfortably throughout the night. The white wood has small hearts decorated on the sides that look adorable and will fit in your child's room easily. It also includes a ladder and bedding designed with hearts to match the hearts on the headboards.

Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Bassinet

Best Bassinet

For your child with a baby doll, the Manhattan Toy Wee Baby Bassinet will let your child bring around their 12-inch doll comfortable in a bassinet made just for them. The striped fabric covering is paired with floral trim and floral handles that your child will be comfortable using to carry the bassinet around. The bassinet is lightweight and can be carried by children as young as one year old.

JC Toys Deluxe Rocking Doll Crib

Best Rocking Crib

"Rock-a-bye baby" doesn't have just to be a song you sing when you lull your child to bed. It can also be the way your child puts their baby doll to sleep. The JC Toys Deluxe Rocking Doll Crib is a cute plastic crib that can hold a 16-inch doll comfortable. It also comes with extra accessories to make bedtime complete like a baby bottle, blanket, and rattle.

These baby doll beds are like no other doll accessory that your child will receive. It is not only a handy storage space for your child to put their doll in, but it truly cements and endears the connection your child has to their doll.