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The best baby dolls for 1-year-olds and above

Beyond books and stories, your toddler learns best from pretend play. Baby dolls for one-year-olds are specially designed to encourage imaginative play, develop social skills, and teach everyday objects to your child. Fortunately, we’ve gathered the best dolls here so you can decide quickly.

If you’re wondering what the best baby doll for a one-year-old is, consider material, size, and extra accessories. Baby dolls for one-year-olds are typically small, but large enough to hold comfortably. Any doll between 11 to 15 inches is an ergonomic size that your toddler can hold, hug, and carry easily. They’re made of soft materials like fleece, silicone, or cotton that won’t rip or break easily during play.

Most dolls will also come with an accessory or two like a pacifier, soft blankie, and at least one outfit. Take a look at the ones we picked out.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella

Softest Option

The Manhattan Toy doll is a cuddly fabric fleece toy that measures 15 inches long. Its ultra-soft body is great for toddlers who are a little rough with their toys but want something snuggly when they're winding down. This doll comes with a magnetic pacifier, a removable long shirt, and a diaper. Embroidered toes and belly button make this doll more lifelike and adorable.

JC Toys La Baby Boutique Baby Doll

Most Realistic

The JC Toys doll is the most realistic model on our lineup thanks to vinyl body parts and lifelike hair. This 11-inch doll comes with a removable Velcro fastened outfit and a pacifier sewn onto the cloth to prevent misplaced accessories. It's fragrance-, phthalate-, and BPA-free, making it safe all-around for toddlers.

Melissa & Doug Jenna Doll

Most Age Appropriate

The Melissa & Doug doll is the most age-appropriate style with open-close eyes, a 12-inch length, and a removable romper. When fussy, your little one can comfort their doll by placing its pacifier or thumb into its mouth and then rocking it to sleep as its eyes close. Best for toddlers 18 months and above, this plastic and fabric doll is easy to clean with just wet wipes.

Toddlers love to play by pretending, creating, and mimicking behavior they observe. Baby dolls for one-year-olds encourage this imaginative play by giving them an opportunity to comfort, cuddle, and play with an interactive toy. Fortunately, all the dolls on our list are appropriate and safe for one-year-olds, thanks to soft materials and removable accessories.