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The best beading wires for durable jewelry making

When looking up how to make a beaded bracelet with wire, you will want to consider what kind of jewelry you are making, who you are making jewelry for, and how often that jewelry will be worn. That will help you decide on what kind of jewelry wire to choose. With a great beading wire selection, you can create plenty of different designs and choices that will fit around your neck or wrist.

Each company has their own configuration of wire thickness, number, and flexibility. This is usually dictated by how many strands are inside the wire and what material covers the wires themselves. A soft flex beading wire, for example, tends to be good for flexibility and strength since the wire count is much lower. Some can have up to 47 wires braided together for something with optimal strength and longevity.

BENECREAT Craft Jewelry Wire

Best Color Selection

If you like having every color of the rainbow to choose from when crafting, these BENECREAT Craft Jewelry Wire selections are sure to satiate your color palette needs. These are soft temper copper wires that are easy to bend and cut while still being strong enough to withstand breaking. The color is permanently enameled onto the wire, so you have a coating that is resistant to chipping, fading, or tarnishing.

Paxcoo 6-Pack Jewelry Beading Wire

Best Value

Paxcoo really gives you the best bang for your buck. You get six different colors of copper wire that are 24 gauge and 11 yards long. The pack also includes a natural bronze color along with gold, silver, coffee, and black. The wire is easy to manipulate into different shapes and the sturdiness will help retain its shape while you are wearing it.

Mandala Crafts Anodized Aluminum Wire

Best Lightweight

When you want to make more delicate pieces of jewelry, such as earrings, you need to have the lightweight crafting wire to match. The Mandala Crafts Anodized Aluminum Wire is soft, flexible, pliable, and most importantly, light. The spool of extra-long beading wire makes it easy to continuously create beautiful designs with light wires that will make for beautiful gifts.

These are the best kinds of beading wire for all your crafting projects. These are sure to help you create anything in your mind’s eye without worrying about the colors flaking or the wires kinking. Get crafty with it!