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The best black beads for elegant jewelry

Just like other bead types, black beads have cultural and spiritual importance for some who practices different beliefs. The black bead, specifically the black onyx bead, has been used for thousands of years throughout different cultures. The Greeks and Romans used to use it to fortify their soldiers before battles. It is now used to represent self-care, strength, and protection against negativity. With this in mind, you can create mindful pieces of jewelry for you and your loved ones to wear.

When making jewelry, it is important to keep in mind who the wearer will be and what designs they would like to have when wearing their new necklace, bracelet, or set of earrings. Black is one of the colors that can work for either gender, so you can make a black bead bracelet for men while still keeping it masculine enough to wear. You can also make black bead necklaces for those looking for an edgier look that leans toward a more contemporary design.

Perler Black Beads

Best for Kids Crafts

A popular craft for children to participate in is making bead jewelry. They can create their own images with small beads that fuse together with heat. This pack of Perler Black Beads makes sure that your child has plenty of black to use as an outline and filler for their designs. You can never have enough Perler beads and getting a jar of black ones makes it easier than having to pick through an assorted set.

Darice Black Pony Beeds

Best for all ages

When you want to craft together with your child, you need to make sure that your beads are both safe to handle for kids while still looking refined enough for an adult’s palette. The Darice Black Pony Beads are beautiful plastic beads that have a huge hole in each center, making it easy to work with for both kids and adults alike. The beads are opaque and will fit into many different designs that you and your child will create.

LPBeads Black Onyx Beads

Best Onyx

Black onyx is a powerful stone that has been used throughout the years to ward off negativity and restore strength. These LPBeads Black Onyx Beads lets you create thoughtful and personalized jewelry that is made with a purpose. These all-natural stones are unique and vary from stone to stone with their own organic variations. Each stone is polished to release its shine and brilliance to become a marvelous bead.

Black beads are some of the most refined choices that you can add to your jewelry-making arsenal. You can enjoy spending time with your child while making beautiful pieces of jewelry together.