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The best dolls for seven year old girls

As your child gets older, she’ll be exploring more about the world around her. It’s time to upgrade her dolls from simple baby dolls to options with accessories, features, and new personalities. Our favorite dolls for your seven-year-old girl provide just that and so much more. It’s time to find her new favorite doll.

Seven-year-olds are learning about what it means to be a friend and what life might be like beyond their small family circles. Your seven-year-old girl is in school now and exploring more in-depth about friends and socialization. These fun dolls are a little more grown-up and offer a lot for her to explore. Let’s take a look.

L.O.L. Surprise! Lights Glitter Doll

Best Collectible

L.O.L. Dolls are a whole surprise in a simple package. The ball's layers reveal fun stickers and accessories with a different doll in the middle for each one. These L.O.L. dolls glow in the dark with crazy colors, and there are 12 different dolls to collect in total. They each come with over 15 different stickers and accessories for ultimate fun.

Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

Best Packaging

Kindi Kids is a fun Shopkins universe collectible doll with sparkles and interactive accessories. She makes a great gift because of the display packaging and helps you pack a powerful punch for your gifting. The accessories offer real movement, and the doll features a fun outfit and styleable hair with bobble action.

Best with Accessories

Barbie's going camping with this fun R.V. style accessory pack and doll. It features a small R.V., car, and various camping themed accessories, and a Chelsea doll. The camper features two beds and a kitchen scene with some movable parts, and the entire set closes up for storage. The car trunk also opens for smaller accessories.

Dolls can offer so much to your growing child. These choices on our list are wonderful for her creative explorations, allowing creative thinking and plenty of pretend whether they’re for a special occasion or just because, your seven-year-old girl will be thrilled to open them up.