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The best drawing pencils for budding artists

Sometimes having a regular pencil drawing can be boring, and many kids grow out of crayons and crave something with finer points and adjustable coloring options. With a pack of colored pencils, you can help your child step up to the challenge of creating new pieces of art.

There are a variety of different pencils you can use when drawing. There are the traditional graphite pencils that come in a range of hardness and pigmentation. There are also charcoal pencils that have a softer middle to draw with. For an old school approach, you can get charcoal sticks. When your little artist wants to start coloring in their drawings, a set of good quality, colored pencils will do the job. Provide your child with the right tools and they can refine their skills with efficiency.

Castle Art Supplies Pencil Art Set

Best for Beginners

For those children who are just getting into drawing, the Castle Art Supplies Pencil Art Set lets them create a range of art from easy pencil drawings to complex shapes and items. There are 12 different graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, and graphite sticks so they can try out every kind of pencil imaginable. Once your child finds what they love to work with, they can dive deep into that medium and further perfect their craft.

Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils Set

Best for Ages 3 and up

From creating drawings of flowers in pencil to coloring in drawing books, Crayola will help your child do it all. The twistable colored pencils make it easy for your child to push up or pull down the pencil stick. The barrel will house the colored pencil stick so there is less of a chance to break it. It also does not need to be sharpened so you will never have to deal with pencil shavings and waxy sharpener buildup from crayons.

COVACURE Premier Color Pencil Set

Best for Kids and Adult

Sometimes you just want to sit down and do arts and crafts with your child. But some of these colored pencils are not very friendly for adults. COVACURE provides you with high-quality pencils that both you and your child can enjoy together. Each color set comes with 36 colors and the super soft lead will let the pigment go without digging into the paper and breaking off the tips.

Drawing pencils help enhance your child’s creativity by supporting their skills with the right tools. You and your child will enjoy looking at their progress and you can even create side by side for quality family time.