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The best foam beads to jazz up your slime

If you have a long trip coming up, why not get your kids excited by making their own travel pillow? Foam beads are the perfect filler for fluffy neck or lounging pillows that mold to your child’s body. Plus, they’re a fun project for kids of all ages.

The crafting possibilities are endless with the microfoam beads on our list. From birthday party decorations to holiday gifts, kids can use these fun art supplies to create beautiful projects that unleash their creativity. While your child gets crafty, these foam beads also support their motor and problem-solving skills. Check out our top picks.

Teenitor Slime Foam Balls

Best Two-pack

Enhance your kid's slime or create squeezy toys with the Teenitor Slime Foam Balls. This two-pack includes an assortment of bright colors that children and adults love. And with these beads, you can be sure that the colors won't bleed into your child's slime or turn it brown. They're the perfect size foam beads to give slime and squeezy toys just the right amount of texture.

DECORA Styrofoam Foam Balls

Best Packaging

Keep your Styrofoam beads organized with the DECORA Styrofoam Foam Balls. This pack includes 80,000 pieces between 2 and 3 mm for all your crafting and slime needs. They come in a sturdy plastic container that features a small opening on the lid. With this system, you avoid spills and tedious clean-ups of mini foam balls all over your floors. These colorful foam beads are the crafting supply for homemade art projects.

Juvale Foam Beads

Best Value

For your largest crafting projects, you need the Juvale Foam Beads. This pack of 90,000 pieces includes foam balls between 0.08 and 0.2-inches that enhance the look of your crafts, art projects, and home decor. Keep an ample supply handy, and use them anytime to make your own gifts or personalize your creations. This 100-gram pack that's appropriate for anyone over the age of three.

Give your projects a personalized touch and keep your kids entertained with the best foam beads for all your creations. Whether your children are into slime, bottling, or any other type of crafts, we’ve got the best selection of foam beads for their artwork. They’re the perfect supply to let your child get inspired or sit by their side and make memories together.