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The best miniature dollhouses for kids of all ages

Dollhouses are magical, but they’re also an important learning tool. When children engage in imaginative play, they’re able to build new cognitive connections and explore what it means to live in the world as humans. Our top choices for best miniature dollhouses provide just the inspiration for that play in smaller sizes suitable for most spaces.

Miniature dollhouses and miniature dollhouse kits give children the chance to play and explore real life on a (much) smaller scale. The kits allow children to rearrange and then play out scenes they’ve seen in real life or imaginary things that are on their minds. Our favorites are detailed and fun, but more importantly, could give your child the chance to build knowledge through play. Let’s take a look.

Calico Critters Red Roof Cozy Cottage

Best Overall

This simple dollhouse features a two-story, two-room house with a rabbit girl doll and a few essential furniture pieces. The second story floor comes out for a wider space, and the house can also connect to other Calico Critters accessories and playsets. The footprint is around 11.5-inches by 8.5-inches, making it suitable for smaller spaces.

Barbie Dollhouse Portable 1-Story Playset

Best for Travel

This ultra-portable Barbie playset is a folding master. It features three play "areas" (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) that fold into each other for storage. It comes with a few kitchen accessories, two chairs, a tablet, and bathroom accessories. A fold-out bed completes the bedroom. When your child is finished playing, everything folds up into the set, and your child can move it with the handle.

Melissa & Doug Doorbell House

Best for Ages 5 & under

This dollhouse has a simple premise – four dolls, four doorbells, four lock and key combinations, and four simple spaces for pretending. It's suitable for even the youngest children and comes with four soft dolls that little hands can hold. There are no small pieces to swallow accidentally and nothing to store. It even includes a convenient carry handle for transport.

Miniature dollhouses are magical, fun, creative, and inspiring. These options fit in smaller spaces and still provide the chance for your child to explore and play. Whether it’s a full D.I.Y. kit or a fun Barbie choice, dollhouses should be a childhood staple.