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The best play kitchen for your kids

A wooden play kitchen for kids can be a great place for your child to learn about socializing, proper kitchen manners, and problem-solving. Your child will mimic the ways you cook and interact with others in the kitchen, which helps them practice their speaking skills. If you are playing with them, you can teach them proper manners in the kitchen, such as staying away from the stove and how to clean up after themselves. Problem-solving comes when your child needs to put things away strategically or learn how to interact with different pieces you find in kitchens.

When you have kids playing kitchen, they will want to have a kitchen outfitted with all of the things they are familiar with. This will include seeing a fridge, a stove, an oven, a sink, and other common household fixtures. You will also have to have the accessories to go along with it like cutlery, pots, and pans. You can also find other fixtures common in modern homes like a coffee maker or a telephone. These all help with the realism when your children play kitchen.

Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen

Best Color Choices

The Step2 Fun with Friends Kitchen is a bright and colorful playset that will entertain any child of any age. The kitchen set includes realistic lights and sounds to make it sounds like you are cooking over the stovetop. You get 24 accessories to go with the set, including cutlery, baskets of food, and dishes to play with.

KidKraft Corner Play Kitchen

Best Storage Capacity

If you have a child who loves to play with all kinds of food and cutlery, the KidKraft Corner Play Kitchen will ensure that they all have a place to go after playtime is done. You get storage spots in the microwave, stove, fridge, and dishwasher for all of your fun goodies. The burner and icemaker have realistic sounds when you play with them too.

Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen

Best Smart

If you are a household full of smart appliances, the Little Tikes Cook ‘n Learn Smart Kitchen will let your child have a miniature version of the kitchen in your home. You can attach your tablet to the set and connect it for fun interactions on the kit with realistic sounds. The app also has engaging games that will help your child learn while having fun.

Encourage play and creativity with your child when you get them their very own kitchen playset to interact with. You will find your child consistently playing on it and pretending to cook and eat in their very own mini-kitchen.