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The best large whiteboards for stylish organization

One of the best ways to use a large whiteboard in a household is by placing a large whiteboard in a communal area and then sectioning off portions to dedicate them for different lists and tasks. You can create a large whiteboard calendar using whiteboard tape to make boxes for an erasable monthly calendar. You can then outfit the whiteboard with a collection of different colors to use for other household members. This tracks information and needs easily while keeping them all in an easily accessible place.

There are plenty of different styles of whiteboards that can fit into your lifestyle. Large magnetic whiteboards let you hang up magnets and clips that are useful for posting up pictures, to-do lists, and reminders. You can also find large whiteboards for your wall. This can be a freestanding whiteboard, or it can also be whiteboard panels. Some whiteboards are portable, which gives you an easy easel to write wherever you are in the home.

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel

Best Multi-use

The Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Tabletop Easel is a versatile easel that has a trio powerhouse of creative canvases: a magnetic whiteboard, a chalkboard, and a fifty-foot long paper roll. The kit also comes with a dry erase marker, five differently-colored chalk, an eraser, and 36 magnets of letters and numbers. Your child can feel free to keep this little easel all to themselves during playtime.

TSJ OFFICE Small Dry Erase White Board

Best Two – Sided

If you have siblings that need to share or just want multiple whiteboard surfaces to access, the TSJ OFFICE Small Dry Erase White Board is foldable and shareable for all households. The sturdy surface is framed in an aluminum frame with a locking mechanism to keep it open during use. The grip at the top and the collapsible frame makes it easy to bring it around the home or office with you.

DexBoard Magnetic White Board

Best Large

Sometimes you just want a dedicated space for a whiteboard to live in your home. The DexBoard Magnetic White Board is a great choice for a magnetic and aluminum-framed whiteboard. You can easily stick magnets on it for memos, calendars, and pictures. The detachable marker tray can be moved around so you can stick it where it is most useful. The fixing kit included will let you hang this vertically or horizontally.

These whiteboards will surely help you keep track of everything you need at home. Whether you need a go-to notepad or want to keep track of what’s going on in your household, a large whiteboard is a sound investment.