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The best rocking horse for 1-year-olds

The best rocking horse for 1-year-olds will make sure that their safety is of the utmost priority. Because of how much a 1-year-old can crawl around and be active, their toys should protect them from themselves. Many rocking horses are plush and soft to play with or made with a child-safe plastic that is sanded and rounded to avoid any possible scratches or bumps. The shape will also keep the child on with little assistance. With these in mind, you will feel relieved when you see your child play without any dangers present.

You may want to get this toy as a gift for your little one because of how much imaginative play can happen on these fun toys. A rocking horse for a 1-year-old boy can be the place where they ride off into the sunset as a knight or become a cowboy in the wild west. A rocking horse for a 1-year-old baby girl can be where she practices her princess waves and rides through the forests with other fairy creatures. The possibilities are endless when it comes to playtime.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue

Best Value

The Little Tikes Rocking Horse is a classic rocking horse built for children starting at 1-year-old. The plastic rocking horse can hold up to fifty pounds. The seat is built to let your child stay safely in the middle of the horse without them falling backward or forwards. The smooth bottom is fully attached to the horse, so you can bring this indoors or outdoors without worrying about the parts coming apart.

Rockin' Rider Legacy Grow-with-Me Pony

Best Bounce

Sometimes, a rocking horse doesn’t just rock. It can bounce, too! The Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-with-Me Pony is a fantastic suspended rocking horse that lets your child move in all directions while they play. The horse can switch between being a rocker to a spring horse without any tools to transition it. The horse itself is soft and plush with beautiful details that immerse your child in the pony experience.

Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil' Rollin' Giraffe Ride-On

Best with Wheels

The Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe replaces the traditional rocking horse with an adorable giraffe. The giraffe is a ride and scoot toy that will let your baby zoom around the house safely. The oversized back wheel guarantees stability and support. Your child will also practice coordination, balance, and gross motor skills while rolling this ride-on inside the house or at the park.

Get excited with your child when you see them laugh and play along with their new rocking horse. You will smile wide knowing that they are not only exercising their imagination and creativity, but they are also working on the coordinative and motor skills that are important to their development.

NewFolks Contributor
NewFolks Contributor
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