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The best whiteboard tapes for stylish organization

You can usually find grid tape in plain black. This is because the plain black tape is a great stark contrast to the white color of the board. But there are other kinds of tape that you can get for yourself. These tapes come in plenty of different thicknesses, colors, and patterns so you can outfit your board however you would like. You can even color coordinate sections to help you stay organized. You can also find magnetic whiteboard tape to stick magnets on if your whiteboard isn’t magnetic itself.

Having the right grid tape for your whiteboard means that you have different sections of your board dedicated to different purposes. Have a section just for a calendar view of the week or month to let others know what is coming up. You may want to have a section where you have a list of agenda items or questions to keep in mind as you work through lessons. The gridding tape lets you adjust the board to what you want to prioritize and keep visible to everyone else.

GreyParrot UV Tape Blacklight Reactive

Best Uv Tape

For some color and fun when sectioning out your whiteboard, the GreyParrot UV Tape will add plenty of fluorescents to your setup. All of these neon tapes are reactive to UV black light, so you can turn on the blacklight and have some fun while learning. No need to worry about scissors or knives while setting up. Each of these tapes is easy to work with and easy to tear with your bare hands.

GoProver Lightning Width Graphic Whiteboard Tape

Best Graphic Chart

When you want to make perfect charts on your whiteboard, you need to have the tape that will stand out and stay up. The GoProver Lightning Width Whiteboard Tape measures at 3 millimeters wide and 108 feet long that gives you plenty of tape to work with for endless amounts of retaping and reorganizing. You can make charts for lists, graphs, and guidelines for writing with these durable PET tapes.

Outus Graphic Chart Whiteboard Tape

Best for Grid Marking

When making grids, it can be hard to find the tapes that will let you make the exact lines you need for each grid. The Outus Graphic Chart Whiteboard Tape makes it easy for you to outline and chart out on a whiteboard’s surface. The durable PET material is still easy to tear and put up. The tape itself will leave no creases or bubbles so your lines can all stay straight and even, which is essential when making precise grids.

Keep your whiteboard organized in the exact way you like it by buying a roll or two of whiteboard tape. You will be grateful for not having to redraw lines to section off your board constantly, and you can easily remove them to rework the layout whenever you would like.