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The best diaper bags

There is no perfect diaper bag for everyone, though, so we've also included some additional options that vary in size and features to ensure you can make the right pick from the start. Whether you want a backpack or a tote bag, we have you covered. Here are all the best diaper bags available now, so be sure to choose the one that fits your needs the best.

RUVALINO Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Overall

This amazing backpack by RUVALINO goes beyond just being a simple diaper bag. It has insulated pockets where you can place your baby's milk bottles. Additionally, it has a backside pocket perfect for storing small items like keys or phones, along with two elasticized side pockets ideal for holding baby powder, wipes, and other baby needs. But what sets this bag apart from others is that you can turn it from a backpack to a handbag, and you can also conveniently hang it onto a stroller.

Why we love it:
– Features excellent deform and tear resistance for long-lasting use
– Boasts premium stitching so that the seams won't fry that easily
– Sports an excellent gender-neutral design, making it ideal for both mommies and daddies

Bambini & Me Diaper Bag

Best Value

If you feel intimidated by the pricing of most diaper bags, then this one from Bambini & Me might entice you. It costs half as much as most brands but does an excellent job of carrying your baby's essentials nonetheless. It has several separated compartments where you can put your baby's milk bottle, baby food, breast pump, and of course, diapers. Plus, it also comes with a free changing pad, so you won't have trouble changing your little one's diaper on a nice flat surface.

Why we love it:
– Lightweight yet has enough room for baby essentials
– Has adjustable straps and convenient handles for easy carrying
– Compatible to fasten to a stroller

Derjunstar Baby Diaper Bag

Best Features

This top-of-the-line diaper bag from Derjunstar completely transforms into a mini crib right before your eyes. By simply unzipping the backmost zipper, you can stretch both ends out to create a makeshift station to change your baby's diapers. But apart from that, you can also convert it into a nice resting cot. What's more, it has a removable toy bar, sunshade, and mosquito net so your precious little one can peacefully sleep even when they're out in the open.

Why we love it:
– Made from durable and waterproof fabric
– With built-in insulated slots to keep milk bottles warm for up to three hours
– Has a USB charging port that you can use in case your portable charger has already run out
– Multiple compartments for easy sorting of baby items

Dikaslon Neutral Diaper Bag Tote

Best Large Option

This diaper bag from Dikalson fashions a very subtle look and would even hardly pass as a baby bag at first glance. But despite its laid-back design, it features a sizable main compartment where you can pack your baby's diapers and change clothes. It also has 13 pockets, inside and out combined, to hold all sorts of valuable baby items like baby powder, milk, water, and wet wipes. It's a tote kind of diaper bag, which is well-suited for those who prefer to hand-carry their belongings.

Why we love it:
– Crafted with a lovely luggage sleeve, making it a lot easier to hang to your luggage
– Packaged with a portable changing mat, so you won't have to swap your baby's diaper on top of cold surfaces
– Has a unisex design so it can be comfortably used by both baby boys and girls

Itzy Ritzy Mini Diaper Bag Backpack

Best Small Option

This small, chic diaper bag by Itzy Ritzy is the perfect bag to grab when you and your baby are gone running quick, small-distanced errands, like if you're visiting the park or dropping by the mall. It has eight pockets inside and out to carry the utmost baby essentials that your precious little angel would need during your small run. You can stash a small toy, one to two small baby milk bottles, a pack of wet wipes, and a few diapers. And in case you need to change diapers, you can use the easy-to-clean vegan leather pad included in the bag.

Why we love it:
– Fits just right in your baby's stroller storage compartment
– With adjustable straps so that you can carry the bag more comfortably
– Has rubber feet on the bottom to prevent the bag from tipping over while you're changing your baby's diapers

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Rachelle Ocampa
Rachelle Ocampa is a working mom of three who spends every free moment outside of work hanging out with her kids who range in…