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The best diaper bags to keep your baby essentials organized

People may feel odd about bringing around a diaper bag because of how bulky and unappealing they usually look. They may be pastels or light colors that can get dirty easily or be covered in designs you wouldn’t want to bringing around. Thankfully, modern diaper bags have style factored into the design alongside its convenience and organizable nature.

Diaper bags can be anything from a heavy tote bag to a backpack. But some of these things were not made for bringing around your baby items. They may not have the proper pockets and organizational notions that keep your things tidy and neat. They may not be insulated to keep your bottles warm throughout the day. The needs of a baby are very specific and cannot be fulfilled with just a regular bag.

Ticent Diaper Bag

Best diaper bag overall

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The Ticent diaper bag is a classy and sleek diaper bag. It blends in and looks like any other stylish backpack right now. The unisex design makes it a great choice for a mom or dad to bring around town. The internal pocket is very easy to clean with a few quick wipes. The bag opens up with a wide mouth, so you can reach in and grab anything with ease without having to worry about disorganizing things. When your child grows out of needing diapers, you can still use the back as a backpack or bookbag, or you can easily gift it to new parents.

sensyne Diaper Bag with Stroller Straps

Best diaper bag with stroller straps

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When using the sensyne Diaper Bag with Stroller Straps, you have multiple options on how to bring it around town with you. There is one large pocket at the top of the bag and 13 separate storage pockets to keep you organized and sane while lugging around all your baby’s items. With the convertible straps, you can use this diaper bag as a backpack, handbag, or as an attachment to your stroller. The inside is insulated to keep beverages at their desired temperatures for hours.

RUVALINO Travel Diaper Bag

Best large diaper bag

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This stylish RUVALINO Travel Diaper Bag is a spacious and organized diaper bag that will save you some sanity. The large open space within the bag is outfitted with eight different pockets, including three insulated bottle holders. You can use this for one trip or if you have multiple babies to take care of. The weekender bag has its own build-in stroller straps, so you do not have to carry it around when you get tired. The diaper bag has a wide zipper, so you can open it up and keep everything the way it is supposed to be organized.

Getting yourself the right diaper bag will be a lifesaver to your trips outside the home. Whether you need a large bag for that weekend getaway with your baby to having an everyday bag that you can bring to the nursery and playdates. Have all the other parents gawk and compliment your diaper bag and feel great knowing that you have a diaper bag you can be proud of.

These bath products are essential for your little one
A newborn is swaddled in a towel

Bath time comes with lots of smiles, giggles, and bonding for both you and your baby. At the same time, you want to ensure that you have all of the baby-bath stuff necessary, and there’s the additional consideration of preventing a slip in the tub or skin irritation. Therefore, you would need to take special care to find the best baby-bath products.

We have compiled a list of essential baby-bath products that can help you decide which items you can include in your cart when shopping.
Most important item in your baby-bath stuff — the tub
Naturally, you’ll a need a sturdy, user-friendly tub for bath time, and an excellent choice is one that “grows” with your baby -- known as a convertible bathtub. Usually, this type comes with a pad that fits inside the tub and protects 2- to 3-month-olds from slipping completely into the water. For ages 5 to 8 months, the padding is removed to where the baby can sit up, and usually an additional seat comes with the set that can be placed in a normal-size tub to prevent older babies and toddlers from slipping or falling over.
Baby wash-and-shampoo combination
The other vital item you’ll need is a gentle baby wash-and-shampoo combo. The best ingredients in a baby shampoo and wash would be hypoallergenic and might even contain natural anti-inflammatory and calming agents. This is important because a baby’s skin is prone to dryness, which can lead to skin issues like eczema. Likewise, you’ll have to keep an eye on your baby’s scalp to make sure he or she doesn’t develop cradle cap, which is similar to the flaking from dandruff.
Baby washcloths
Another necessary component in your collection of baby-bath stuff is a set of washcloths. One distinct feature that you’ll notice about baby washcloths is that they possess a much softer texture than their adult-size counterparts, so you won’t have to wonder if your baby’s skin would be chafed or irritated by a rough surface. Another important trait to consider is choosing an organic washcloth like one that is crafted from bamboo material. With that option, you’re looking at less chance of a rash developing or any other allergic reaction.
No-rinse micellar cleansing water
What if you’re in a hurry that day and don’t have time to draw a bath for your baby? Or you’re a bit concerned that your baby is still too young to be immersed in a small tub.

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How to choose the best baby wipes for your newborn
Parents cleaning a baby's face.

Looking for the best baby wipes for newborns? Not all baby wipes are equal. How can you pick the best option for your infant, especially when you first bring your new baby home from the hospital? You want to ensure your baby gets the best, and sometimes the wrong baby wipes can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and other issues. 

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the best baby wipes for your newborn, so you can make an informed decision about the top options for your new baby, even if you’ve never bought a box or pack of baby wipes in your life.

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5 great snowsuits for infants and babies to help them brave the cold
Mom holding baby outside in the winter.

Dressing your baby for winter can be quite tricky considering that he or she can’t tell you if the temperature in the car is too cold or too warm. Thus, choosing the right gear is extremely important when it comes to keeping your baby comfortable and dry.

When you’re looking for the warmest, most durable, and of course cutest snowsuits for infants or a baby bunting suit, go for one that:

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