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Advice for teenage girls every mother should share

The adolescent years can become a real game changer for a mom and teen girl. The little girl you were accustomed to slowly changes into a strong-willed teenager who’s undergoing hormone changes, challenging your opinions, and then, there is the disagreement about too much eyeliner. Behind all these transformations, there is still your young child who seeking out your guidance. She’s still looking to you because, though she may not always acknowledge it, she appreciates your wisdom and most of all, your time to listen to her concerns. There are ways to become great parents to teenage girls, which you can enhance with the following examples of advice for teenage girls.

Are failures really failures or stepping stones toward your goal?

You may have figured out by now that allowing room for your teen to stumble is okay and often leads to an important life lesson. While it seems only natural to want to protect your daughter and keep her safe from any emotional hurt like a broken heart or a major disappointment, you also have the opportunity to share your insight and experience. Plus, you can help her to realize that a minor “failure” is actually a compass pointing in the direction of success. Therefore, instances of failure have been known to create opportunities for teen girls to learn more about themselves and others and to build self-confidence.

Teen talking to friend online

Step away from the screen for a while

You can encourage your teen girl to take a break from the media long enough to appreciate the beautiful reality of everyday life and to explore her own talents and qualities. This advice for teenage girls focuses on looking at the world with a deeper perspective as opposed to dwelling on the superficial stuff, especially in relation to the media and the images it often portrays.

For instance, teen girls tend to be exposed to the deceptive nature of personas and representations seen on social media and television. As a result, in some cases, they might feel pressured to want the “perfect” life and beauty that celebrities seem to possess. Along with limiting the screen time, you can advise your teen girl that very few of these celebrities get to have normal and healthy relationships and lives because of the need to always keep up appearances. This, in turn, can be quite exhausting. Remind them to love themselves as they truly are and that they are beautiful just the way they are.

More than likely, you’ll find “the one” long after high school

Sometimes, you might experience the temptation of constantly telling your daughter that there’s more to life than significant others. However, the phase in which dating and relationships becomes more important from a teen’s standpoint proves to be unavoidable along with the unfortunate sting that accompanies breakups. So this is prime opportunity for a mom and teen girl to talk about the qualities of healthy relationships. Along with a lot of listening, you’ll also be able to encourage your daughter to consider the traits of an ideal partner or friend. This type of advice for teenage girls often brings to light any situations in a dating relationship that she’s not comfortable with and shouldn’t have to settle for. Rather she should maintain high standards and value the importance of honest, two-way communication.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice

Furthermore, you can remind your daughter that there is no harm in asking for help and advice. After all, everyone needs advice or someone to talk to once in a while. In addition to you as a parent, you can also let her know that other adults, such as teachers, counselors, and coaches can also equip her with practical advice to help tackle the problems and issues that she might face.

Nonetheless, you’re going to be the key person who will have those heart-to-heart talks about her plans for the future, the ins and outs of dating, and schoolwork. So while she might not come to you right away about some matters, you can definitely encourage her to keep those lines of communication open.

Over time, a mom and teen girl develop a very close relationship and a deep appreciation for one another, especially when there’s consistent communication. You and your teen will also build that type of relationship that lasts a lifetime and weathers the tumultuous adolescent years. She might exert her independence at times, but you’re always going to the most-trusted person whom she’ll come to for advice.

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