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The best pack-and-play mattresses so your baby sleeps comfortably during travels

Replacement pack-and- play mattresses can make all of the difference in the quality of sleep your child gets. Be sure to buy one that fits your specific needs.

When searching for a pack-and-play mattress, be sure to choose one that is developmentally appropriate. Infants need to sleep on firm mattresses, for instance. Toddlers can use thicker, softer mattresses. This guide gives you a number of pack-and- play mattress options for both age groups.

hiccapop Pack n Play Mattress Pad With Firm & Soft Sides

Best Dual-Sided

The hiccapop Pack n Play Mattress Pad With Firm & Soft Sides is unique in that it is double-sided. The firm side is perfect for infants, while the soft side is more appropriate for toddlers. The softer side features high-density memory foam for ultimate comfort. This mattress’s cover is jacquard knit. It folds into thirds for simple storage and is 2.25 inches thick when unfolded.

NapYou Pack n Play Mattress

Best Overall

NapYou’s Pack n Play Mattress comes with a convenient carrying bag. It folds up into thirds to fit into the bag. This pack-and-play mattress has a lining made of organic cotton and polyester. The mattress itself is memory foam. It also works as a sleeping mat on the ground for older children.

Dream On Me 3-Inch Playard Mattress

Best Organic

The Dream On Me 3-Inch Playard Mattress is intended for ages 6 months and up. It is made mostly of foam but is 10% vinyl. It includes a waterproof cover. This mattress has a 30-day warranty. It is antibacterial and flame-retardant.

Pack-and-play mattresses are a comfy place for babies to sleep. Whether plush or firm, your child is sure to appreciate the upgrade from the regular mattress they were sleeping on.