The best portable bottle warmers for on-the-go feeding

When you’re traveling, you can’t always carry your bottle warmer with you. A portable warmer gives you flexibility in the car or on long trips to get your baby’s bottle to the right temperature quickly and effectively. Our list of best bottle warmers offer peace of mind and efficient service so your baby is happy and feeding times are easier. Let’s take a look.

A portable bottle warmer gives you the chance to safely warm your child’s bottles without worrying about hot spots or inconsistent outlets. You won’t have to drag your entire warmer with you, and you won’t need to force your baby to drink cold milk. It’s the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at the ones we’ve chosen to find the right portable warmer for you.

Tommee Tippee Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

Best Overall

Tommee Tippee’s portable warmer features a secure steel thermos that holds hot water for the warmer. Simply open the thermos and pour a little into the warmer to help ease your bottle to the right temperature. It’s easy to use and offers leakproof storage for all your travel warming needs. Durable materials and straightforward design make this a reliable option.

Papablic Mini Portable Baby Bottle Warmer

Best Design

This stylish warmer features a stainless steel thermos for hot water and a tall warming container to accommodate a variety of standard bottles. It's leakproof and stays hot for many hours while you're on the go. It fits into a diaper bag and uses durable materials that can withstand some heavy use, even thrown into a bag or a car.

Kozii Voyager Travel Bottle Warmer

Best Compact

Kozii's ultra-compact option uses a bento-style thermos and container that screws together for storage. It fits into a diaper bag or a glove compartment for secure storage and gently reheats a bottle to room temperature. The design is straightforward and helps you save space on all your baby gear.

A portable bottle warmer is a great way to keep your baby happy during travel mealtimes. They’re compact and give you some flexibility for how and where you feed your baby. There’s no need to cart around your standard warmer or try to get baby to drink cold milk. Everything you need is in one compact option. Start with the ones on our list and make travel just a little bit easier.