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Natalie Ehrlich

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Brushing a toddler's hair

Is your toddler’s hair growing slowly? Here are some tips to promote hair growth

Looking for tips for toddler hair growth? Here's what to do for toddler hair growing slow.
Kids running with each other at a party.

The best party games for your sports-loving kids

If you're hosting a sports themed birthday party, we've got the best sport party games that score every time.
Mother holding sleeping baby.

How to break the cycle of an overtired baby

An overtired infant can wake up several times at night. We discuss how to break the cycle and get more sleep for your baby and you.
pureed baby food

Food stages – what they are and how to know what your baby can eat

An easy to understand guide to what stage foods are safe to feed your baby at every age.
Mother with her baby in a carrier

Baby carrier covers that can withstand the rain

There’s more to rain covers than keeping your baby dry in a carrier. We discuss several factors to consider when choosing one.